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HOw much do you have to lose? 1 kg *may* be too much for you to lose, depending on your current weight. It may not, but we don't have enough information to say.

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4/10/13 7:57 A

as an aside, if you're looking for a quick fix to get ready for some particular event, SP doesn't actually promote that. Most of us are here to make this a lifelong commitment to health; not a temporary weight loss fix.

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4/10/13 6:48 A


I'm not sure what you mean by a diet chart, but if you go to your Start page, down the left side you can update your weight loss goal. Then go to your nutrition tracker, and at the bottom you'll see your recommended calorie and nutrient ranges based on this goal.

Hope that helps,

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4/10/13 5:44 A

Hi is there a place on Spark where I can find a Diet Chart for my requirement?

If any one has done this please guide me to the link.


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