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3/11/14 12:24 P

MISSRUTH: Thank you for the reply :) First off those days are not typical. They were to make of for some 'cheating' I did the previous week.

I am very sedentary, my work is done seated and I don't move around much at all other than the days I go to ballet or the gym. I try to shoot for 1100 or just under as I stated I do not lose unless it's around there.

I appreciate the input! :)

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,267
3/11/14 10:24 A

I took a quick peek at your Food & Fitness Trackers. Most days you eat around 1000 calories, meanwhile burning around 400 through exercise. There was a day where you ate 780 calories, and burned 400 in exercise. It does not surprize me at all that you're discouraged about diet and exercise. What surprizes me is that you can actually pull yourself together, and manage to work out on so few calories. (Let alone, just get out of bed.)

While our bodies are remarkable in that they will keep going for as long as possible, no matter what we do-- there comes a point where it just won't work any more. If we don't fuel them properly, metabolism slows down to compensate for needing calories to burn through activity(your body has no idea whether you're doing ballet or chasing a wildebeest, trying to get food). You'll end up tired and depressed and even thinking clearly will seem like an effort.

1200 calories a day is the least amount, for a shorter woman with a completely sedentary lifestyle. Spark will not give anyone a range that starts less than 1200 cal/day. JMO but I think maybe it's time to take a look at your settings on Spark, inputting the appropriate "calories burned through exercise".... and then trying to get your calories/ carb/ fat/ protein etc ranges each day, into line with the recommendations.

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3/10/14 10:38 P

I too feel your calories may be too low. I just met with my dietitian today. My calories were too low. I have a plan to have an apple cut up and dipped in yogurt as a snack. I needed another fruit and a dairy to have a better diet.

3/10/14 9:44 P

ZORBS13: Thank you, but I have tried several gyms on gym number 5 now. I have a really low budget that could be part of it haha The one I'm at is only $15 a month.

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3/10/14 9:43 P

SLIMMERKIWI: Thank you also for the congrats, I appreciate it!

I usually hover around 1,000 to 1,100 calories a day.
A quick run down of what I eat since I tend to eat similar things;
apple (or orange, some times banana) (80 to 110 cal)
yoghurt (110 cal)

mid morning snack:
1/4 cup almonds 160-170 cal

usual a big salad of lettuce, cucumbers, mushrooms, carrots, celery, radishes
low cal balsamic (4 tblsp for 50 cal!)
chicken breast, turkey breast, tuna or salmon
usually ends up around 400 calories

lean cuisine, or soup

I've talked to doctors many times in the past about it, had blood work done in case of thyroid issues or anything else. Nothing has ever turned up.

Yes, I do understand that losing weight may not improve happiness, and I have already seen a therapist. I do have anxiety and depression. I was thin before anti depressants, went on them ballooned up, got off them and dropped the weight ( I have done this a couple times). I found that the meds never worked and I felt the same on or off.

I appreciate the idea, but I don't really have interest in a dance party ^^;; (I'm not trying to shoot down all your ideas, apologies)

Thank you I will check out your tracker for ideas. :)

Also I do appreciate the response, thank you for that.

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3/10/14 9:29 P

Try another gym. I have been a member of gyms that "felt" wrong, nothing specific happened, but they felt awful and I couldn't work out there.

3/10/14 9:10 P

SKYLARAGROTERA: Thank you so much on the congrats! :)

Same! I was more active when I was young. I was always in ballet and really enjoyed it. I am back in ballet again but I don't enjoy it like I used to and tend to watch the clock. I left class early tonight I only made it 30 min out of the 90 min class. I'm a bit embarrassed, I just was feeling too anxious.

Before I started, a very short walk would have be over whelmed as well. I couldn't make it up half my street before feeling anxious and also I would get out of breath easily.

I'm so sorry to hear you have personal things going on, and about the low self esteem and self worth. Sending hugs, I can relate as I have been feeling the same. I'm really sorry to hear about someone not treating you well :(

On the gym, I still feel that way. I'm not sure what it is about that place but it DOES feel intimidating. I've never gotten a very friendly vibe. I know when I'm there I'm definitely not judging anyone or staring at anyone as I'm just trying to get it all over with haha

That would be fantastic if you tried rollerskating.

Thank you so much for the reply, your kind words and your input. It helps a lot!

If you need to vent about anything I'm here :)

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3/10/14 9:03 P

Congratulations on the weight-loss so far. That is a wonderful achievement. I am a little concerned, tho' that your calories are so low. I think that you would benefit from talking with your Dr - I think that there are a couple things going on.

One is that as you are regularly eating 1000 cal's or less, you really NEED to make an appointment with your Dr and see if that is impacting any way on your health - physical or emotional. Doing bloods would be a good way of finding if you are deficient in anything there.

When you go to the Dr, ask for an appointment with a Registered Dietitian. Sometimes UNDEReating can cause a person's metabolism to slow down. If you take some printouts from your Daily Nutrition Report for your Dietitian to see what and how much you eat, he/she will be in a far better place to give you advice as it pertains to you.

The other thing that I notice is that you seem to equate losing weight with improving happiness. Unfortunately, that doesn't often happen. Often there is something else going on, but the sufferer tends to focus on a particular 'thing' and in your case it appears to be your weight. I think that asking for a referral to a Therapist would be great in helping you sort out what your issues are and dealing with them. You have done well in trying a variety of different exercises, hobbies, etc., but obviously you haven't found something that resonates with you.

Have you thought about having a 'dance party' with just your friends, at your home? Put on the music and dance till your heart's content. This is a great way to share quality time with your friends, while at the same time getting in some good exercise. Perhaps you might be able to make a variety of fancy-looking but healthy nibbles to eat during the evening. Make a 'punch bowl' of very watered down fruit juice (bout 50% water); 25% diet soda; and 25% Juice. I often use Ocean Spray Cranberry Light (about 20 calories for a full glass of juice) It tastes nice, but the "punch" only has about 5 calories a full glass.

I weigh all of my food and enter it all into the nutrition tracker. If you want to have a look at my tracker you will see that I enter TONS of different food. In all honesty, it doesn't take me long at all - only between 5-10 minutes for all of my food.

Good luck,

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3/10/14 8:49 P

First of all - CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss! Seeing someone similar to me - we're the same height and I weigh 7lbs more than your starting weight - inspires me!

I know how you feel .... it's hard when you think of all the things that you want to eat when you feel like you're unable to have them.

I also have problems being active - I used to be athletic when I was younger - but to me, right now, the thought of even going out for a walk seems overwhelming. I'm also going through some personal things right now that rendered my self-esteem and self-worth to zero. I know I shouldn't let someone do that to me... especially someone that I only knew online - but it happened and now I have to deal with it.

But that's another story for another time.

I feel intimidated about going to the gym - I don't like the way that I look and I sometimes feel that everyone is staring at me. I don't find enjoyment in it. I'm pretty sure I could find something that I like - I used to love roller skating - and my neighborhood is relatively flat so maybe I can pick up a pair of skates and try that.

Anyway. That's a battle everyone fights I think - what you're going through. I think we all hit walls like that at some time or another.

Keep it up! You are an inspiration!

3/10/14 8:24 P

Just wondering if anyone else feels the same as me about all of this! Apologizes a head of time for a very negative post, I'm just trying to get everything out and be host :)

First off I already know it's not supposed to be a 'diet' it's supposed to be a lifestyle change. But for me it's always going to be and feel like a diet (and a punishment).

I've lost 95 pounds so far. I've gone from 233 to 138, it's taken me about 11 months. I am honestly miserable with all of this. I miss all the foods I love and try as I might I simply can NOT fit them into my daily calories while making sure to get enough fiber, protein and not go over carbs, sodium, fats and calories. I'm only 5ft 2in and I have a sluggish metabolism and have found unless I eat at 1100 cal or under a day I just do not lose.

Also the logging every single thing I eat is taxing, it really does eat up a lot of my time as I am an all or nothing sort of person, I will log every last thing down to a gummy vitamin.

I hate to exercise, really all of it. I do it because I have to. I've tried lots of different things, gym, classes, cross country skiing, rollerskating, you name it. I really just don't enjoy being active at all.

I find myself looking at food blogs daily just missing all the food I can't have.

I don't really enjoy a single part of this and honestly it's making life feel a bit bleak. I've always really loved food, I've tried to replace it with so many other things, trying to find new hobbies and interests but honestly nothing fills that void of foods I love and miss!!

I find I don't go out with friends since it always involves food and drink and that's far too much of a temptation, so I stay home.

I thought if I was thin again I'd be happy but I feel more depressed than when I started!

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