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9/25/13 3:55 P

You can puree almost anyfood.
Use your blender. You may need to add a little more liquid (water, broth, juice, etc).

Soups, stews, casseroles, lasagna, spahetti with sauce, even french toast, and pancakes work. I do this all the time for people in the hospital.

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CHYRRESP Posts: 294
9/25/13 3:23 P

Ah soup! That is a wonderful idea. I think it'll have to be very much pureed, I will ask about mashed potatoes & creamed corn. I should be able to have veges in a soup, the carrot soup sounds particularly good. Pureed squash . . . I may have to think about that.

I just don't want to drink milkshakes the whole time, I'll gain a ton of weight. Thanks for your help!

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
9/25/13 3:18 P

I haven't had experience with this, but how pureed do things have to be? Mashed potatoes are a starchy veggie and they are pretty soft. You can also make mashed sweet potatoes. Creamed corn? Butternut squash soup? There is a recipe for carrot soup where the carrots are pureed. Split pea soup? Those are all starchy veggies, of course. But, I'll bet you could puree some summer squash, spinach or? and put it in soup too. Tomato soup?

CHYRRESP Posts: 294
9/25/13 2:26 P

Hello Everyone,

I have to have 2 dental surgeries, and after each of them I can only eat pureed food. I am trying to figure out how to keep a diet plan with that limitation. Does anyone have experience with this?

I can drink meal shakes, and eat yogurt, and I hope I can eat applesauce. I can't stand the thought of pureed veges. Any advice would be appreciated.


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