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1/24/14 9:58 P

Good point SHERYLDS! I do have more time to be more active on the weekends so I think between the banking calories during the week and cranking up the activity during the weekends I should manage to find a balance. Also thanks for the tip on watching EAT THIS NOT THAT...I am definitely going to have to watch that. Thanks again! =)

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,365
1/24/14 9:50 P

I can undo 5 days of hard work and more, in 1 I don't buy into banking my calories. But I find trying to be extra active on the weekend and still trying to watch, used to help me a lot. Limit your weekend treats...don't blow the diet for the whole day.
Watching EAT THIS NOT THAT on helped me make much better choices for all the times I eat out on the weekend. No wonder I used to gain come Monday

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,710
1/24/14 9:28 P

I don't drink, but when we go out, I order dessert, and black coffee, sometimes a plain salad at first. The rest of the meal I can live without.

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1/24/14 9:21 P

Sunday's are always family supper night, so I have to do 1 of 2 things....if not both. Stay on the lower end of my allowance all week, to make up for my Sunday suppers and make sure I get extra exercise in on the weekends, to compensate for the added calories. If I go out for dinner, I've learned to ask for alternatives - extra vegies instead of potatoes, and hold the sauces/oils used - tell them to only use about a table spoon, for put it on the side to add myself. :)

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1/24/14 8:51 P

Wow! Great advice Lady CJM! I really like the idea of "banking" some of my calories during the week. That is certainly something I can do!

Also thanks so much noting the fact of how many calories I was probably eating before I got serious about weight loss...scary thought I was most likely eating in or around that range and not even batting an eyelash and yes I am in the 1500-1800 cal range now so that really puts things in perspective.

Everything I moderation is certainly the key here I think and I agree...cheat days are not my friend either! lol

Thanks again for the great advice!

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1/24/14 8:34 P

Hi and welcome!

Your weekend "problem" is one that a lot of people have. And there are a lot of ways to "deal" with weekends. It's important to remember that one day does not define us! Going over calories one day a week will not kill you or cause you to gain 20 pounds. If you stay on track most days and go off one day you will still lose weight. It just might be slower then you want.

Things you can do to keep it reasonable would be to change the weekend habits to include something that involves more activity. For example, go for a hike or a bike ride to relax and burn calories. If you increase your calorie deficit then you have more leeway for the evenings!

Another option would be to bank a few calories each day for the weekend. For example, if your range is 1500 to 1800 calories a day and you eat 1500 calories a day then you could go over by a few hundred calories one evening and still be in range for the week.

Some people do a "Cheat" day, where they can eat what they want. Doesn't work for me, turns into cheat week, month, year .....

You could also change your alcoholic beverage to something lower in calories. Instead of a margarita have a rum and diet coke or a glass of white wine. Alternate a glass of water with each drink. Or skip the alcohol completely and enjoy the conversation.

You can also change the foods you munch on. If your at a restaurant order a main dish to share with your darling beloved and then split a dessert. Share appetizers with the table, do NOT order the Blooming Onion ...... Pick the healthiest options that you like.

If you are at some ones home and you bring food to share bring healthier options. This doesn't have to be carrot sticks. I saw a recipe on here today for bacon wrapped water chestnuts that looks really good. Look for lower calorie versions of things you like. I found a recipe for a lower calorie spinach artichoke dip that I'm going to make for a Super Bowl party.

Add an activity to the evening. Play games or go dancing.

If you really over do the calories on the weekend it will negate the work you have done all week and really slow down your weight loss. I really encourage you to track your intake on the weekends and see how what you eat and drink affect you. Don't try to save all your days calories for the night. You will be so hungry that you really go over! Maybe you can go over by X calories and still lose weight. Maybe 3 drinks is one drink too many along with whatever you did all week.

Something to think about...most of us were eating between 3000 and 5000 calories a day before we started trying to lose weight. We ate 500 calorie bagels and cream cheese or muffins for breakfast, a midmorning coffee break treat(200+ calories depending) fast food burgers and fries for lunch (1000 calories) 600 calorie lattes, an afternoon candy bar or bag of chips (300 calories) a soda or two, (200 to 500 calories) etc.

If you are 1500 calories a day you are already eating half of what you were eating before you started trying to be healthier. And it will make a difference.
Lady CJM

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1/24/14 8:17 P

Thanks MAMA_CD! limiting the amount is always an option for sure.

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1/24/14 7:53 P

I just eat the same, I'm going out for dinner tomorrow evening, it's a potluck so I make sure to bring a food that I would eat. This time I'm bringing a salad with fruit and nuts, then I'll assess the foods to decide which ones I'll eat and which ones I won't. I don't drink alcohol, so that's not an issue, but if I did I would simply limit the amount.

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1/24/14 7:30 P

Hi everyone!

Still pretty new to the Spark Community but loving it already!

There is however something I find challenging to my overall progress that I would like to share and that is - "The Weekend" (insert evil music here).

My job keeps me very busy all week. My fiancé works really hard too. When the weekend roles around we want to relax....not gonna lie this usually involves some drinks and socialising with friends...this leads to good chats, more drinks and umm well more food usually...*sigh*

So I am wondering if any of you have run into this same hurdle and if so what did you do about it? Would love to hear from you!


Twerkout emoticon

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