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2/3/12 12:35 P

After hearing so much about diet sodas, I have decided to stop drinking them totally.

2/3/12 11:47 A

I am new here and I drank at least a can of diet pepsi every day. With all of these blogs here now I am afraid to drink it. I didn't think it mattered because it was diet 0 calories. It will be interesting to find out if my headaches go away.

RPUHRMANN SparkPoints: (0)
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5/30/11 7:07 A

@COPE782 Hi! I'm sorry. I don't remember the site, it's been so long ago. I think I was just typing in Diet Pepsi, or Diet Soda, and came up with that site. There were quite a few of them. I'm kind of fuzzy on the details, but I remember them saying, after a lot of tests, the patients were found not to have MS after all. I guess there is something in the diet sodas that mimic the symptoms of MS maybe. I'll look online to see if I come up with something, but it's been quite a few years since I read it. I'm not saying everyone who has MS probably doesn't have the disease if they drink diet soda, but the study said quite a few doctors had found that some of their patients didn't have MS after all, after not drinking the soda anymore. Anyway, I'll try to look online for that site.

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JFREDERICK11 Posts: 800
5/28/11 7:44 A

selzer water is the best. A little flavor and some fiz.

KSHELTON21 SparkPoints: (15,810)
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5/28/11 1:38 A

Typically all I drink is water but once or twice a month I may have a can of some type of diet drink.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,392
5/28/11 1:27 A

I don't drink soda (juice with carbonated water does not count as "soda"- I'm talking about Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew). Artificial sweeteners make me sick, so I can't drink diet sodas, and I gave up regular sodas two-and-a-half years ago.

However, there are a number of takes on diet sodas. Calorie-wise, diet soda is better than regular simply because you're saving hundreds of calories. However, I have learned that I can only tolerate artificial sweeteners in small amounts (such as a stick of gum). When I chew sugar-free gum, it triggers sugar cravings for me, and makes me hungier, so I have to avoid gum. Diet soda can have the same impact on some. In addition, people find that diet soda makes them bloated, and people actually LOSE weight giving up diet sodas.

I'm on a no-liquid calorie fast for the year. With the exception of dairy-free milk substitutes (I'm sensitive to plain milk), I am drinking only iced tea and water flavored with lemon/lime juices, mint, or different fruit such as cucumbers or chopped berries. I have a friend who does not care for water in restaurants, so if he doesn't want to drink diet coke (partially because he's afraid of getting regular instead of diet), he'll order seltzer water/club soda. For him, sometimes he just needs a carbonated beverage.

DEVORA4 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/28/11 12:44 A

used it BUT no more!

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (208,142)
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5/28/11 12:36 A

I don't really like diet soda, but drink it occasionally... maybe 2 or 3 glasses/week just as a change from water. emoticon

COPE782 Posts: 549
5/27/11 11:28 P

@RPUHRMANN: I'm confused. They were diagnosed with MS, and then 6 months later, after laying off diet sodas and artificial sweeteners, they did not have MS after all? Did they do spinal taps to see if the proteins were present at each point in time? Can you direct me to the study, please?

RUNNINGAL425 Posts: 1,070
5/27/11 9:24 P

I do not drink sodas, diet or not. They do not satisfy my thirst.

CREATIVEJOY39 Posts: 1,828
5/27/11 7:14 P

I have stopped drinking anything with artifical sweetners. My headaches went away and I feel so much better!

CANADA-DISCO19 Posts: 168
5/27/11 3:54 P

i personally don't drink a lot of diet soda because the sweetners in them are of questionalbe safety, plus most of them have colors and other chemicals. Plus, when you're drinking diet soda, you're not drinking the water that your body needs.

ILOVEMY2BIRDS Posts: 2,646
5/27/11 7:38 A

watch the aspartame (nutrasweet)
Some people have bad effects from it.
I have gotten migraines from it

RPUHRMANN SparkPoints: (0)
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5/27/11 6:20 A

I've been trying to cut diet soda out of my diet all together after reading a study done on it. (10 yrs ago) It will clean a copper penny to shine overnight, think of it eating the enamel off your teeth; they poured diet coke on a steak, and it ate a hole in it, is it eating your stomach to make ulcers? The Aspartame causes major mood swings. But the worst one was, it causes Multiple Sclerosis symptoms! Some doctors, after finding this out, went back to ask their patients if they drank diet soda. A lot of the patients said they did. The doctors told them to stop drinking the diet soda for about 6 months, and after that 6 months, almost all the patients were found to NOT have MS. Amazing! With all the things they've found out about diet soda, it has me scared to drink it. I'm now down to about 2 a week; down from 2-3 2ltr bottles per day, and looking forward to 0 per week. Also, it is said it makes you lose calcium from your body, and for every one can of diet soda you drink, you have to drink 2 glasses of water to make up for what is taken away. Aspartame is also in Crystal Light and all those other "0 calorie" drinks.

SERELARA SparkPoints: (0)
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5/27/11 5:18 A

Not for me. A glass of plain water is my first choice. If I want something sweet I go for 100% juice (without added sugars) diluted with water or soda.

BOOKWORM27S SparkPoints: (0)
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5/26/11 11:15 A

I avoid all artificially sweetened products.

TNANCE3 Posts: 189
5/26/11 11:03 A

I drink Diet Pepsi and Diet Dr. Pepper the most. It has gotten to where Diet Pepsi does not taste as good as it used to. I have cut back to one or two 12 oz. bottles per day. Sometimes I drink more, sometimes less. I am drinking much more water than I used to. I do use the water additives such as Crystal Light or Hawaiian Punch sf drink mixes. I want to completely stop at some time, but I feel I need the extra "pop" I get from them at times. Good luck on whatever you choose to do.

SPORTSGIRL30 Posts: 1,433
5/26/11 9:24 A

No diet soda for me at all. If I have one, I will want 5 more.

NHELENE Posts: 1,505
5/26/11 8:35 A

I avoid artificial sweeteners like the plague, mostly for taste reasons but also because I believe in many ways they are worse for you than real sugar.

I got in the habit of buying 6 oz 'baby cans' of coke or ginger ale that are just enough to take care of the occasional craving.

BAYSIDE07 Posts: 7,534
5/26/11 7:41 A

They are full of chemicals and I never drink them. If I take an occasional sip of my husband's soda it tastes like acid to me.

ALISSASJOURNEY SparkPoints: (14,421)
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5/26/11 5:52 A

Look up the ingredients of diet soda. My friend who took Allied Health mentioned something to me about how when you drink many of them (a few a week) you must take a calcium supplement because some ingredient in it breaks down your bones.

LOOLAH Posts: 888
5/26/11 5:18 A

I used to fiend for Diet pop! I went from diet Mt.Dew, to diet Pepsi, to diet Dr.Pepper... you get the idea.

I can honestly say that after almost a year of not drinking any kind of pop I feel really good. I gradually weaned myself off and now I don't miss it AT ALL! When I go to restaurants I order coffee, water or a glass of beer or wine and enjoy that much more than I ever enjoyed pop.

In my opinion, drinks that are more natural and don't have much sugar are always going to be better than pop (herbal tea, plain coffee, water, homemade fruit juice, and the occasional alcoholic beverage). That being said, an occasional diet drink probably isn't going to hurt anything.

5/25/11 11:38 P

I try to only drink all natural diet soda. Virgils Diet Vanilla Cream soda is my favorite. It's made with stevia, vanilla, and carbonated water. I find with regular diet sodas I tend to crave more junk food.

CYPHER7 SparkPoints: (43,964)
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Posts: 500
5/25/11 11:34 P

My personal opinion is that all pop is bad for you, regular or diet. That being said, I do drink a can maybe once a week.

Unless it's in a restaurant, I only get the cans nowadays to limit how much I drink--if the store doesn't have them, I don't buy it.

If you're looking to reduce you intake, they have the skinny or stubby cans nowadays, at least here. I don't know about elsewhere.

BRIDGETTE1961 SparkPoints: (28,165)
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Posts: 66
5/25/11 6:43 P

My doctor says to stay away from all fake sugar. She says that it's like poison to your body. I'm not a big soda drinker but when I do drink it it's the sugar-filled 12 oz can.

RUFUSRIO Posts: 234
5/25/11 5:54 P

Obviously, if you can cut it out that is best, but for me I know that long term I will not be able to. Thus, I limit my intake because that is more realistic. There would be some days where I would drink 6 cans of diet coke! Now I tell myself I can have two per day...hey, at least it's progress.

5/25/11 5:54 P

I avoid diet soda like the plague because I'm allergic to a lot of artificial sweeteners (migraines), and I hate the taste.

I gradually weaned myself off soda by drinking sparkling water instead.

That doesn't mean I never have it, though. When I want a soda, I have the real thing, just not very often and I plan ahead for it. Over this coming holiday weekend I'll be having a couple of them, then I'll go back to once every month or so.

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TARHEEL2010 Posts: 14
5/25/11 5:01 P

I love Diet Coke but I'd like to quit. I'm pretty sure it is hurting my teeth and my stomach. I just don't really like pain water. I like the Vitamin water but it has some sugar in it, so that is probably not a good option. Maybe I'll go back to ice tea with splenda.

RUSS292 Posts: 277
5/25/11 4:11 P

I used to drink about 2 glasses or cans a day...I've since stopped and felt much better. I think the fake sugar was hurting my stomach..

DOLLIE6 Posts: 2,845
5/25/11 3:04 P

I stopped drinking them last year and I feel a lot better.

TCHRSHEA Posts: 228
5/25/11 3:02 P

I used to drink it like CRAAAAAAZY! Now I drink water, tea, Propel, or Crystal Light. I rarely have diet sodas anymore and I feel good.

REBELBLITZ SparkPoints: (26,503)
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Posts: 1,016
5/25/11 1:31 P

I have not had any diet sodas or any artificial sweeteners since watching the documentary titled Sweet Misery about aspartame and other artificial sweeteners. I rented the documentary from netflix and it is excellent.

I use the herbal stevia for oats if I want them sweet.


5/25/11 1:24 P

I allow myself one diet soda can (12 oz) a day at lunch to get me through my midday slump, but that's it. I have to be careful -- I really love soda!

HEYBUTT Posts: 769
5/25/11 11:14 A

Personally, I don't like the taste of diet sodas. BUT, I did have a hard time weaning myself down on regular soda.

For me, I needed to get down to next to zero on soda consumption. I was drinking it constantly and it was a HUGE calorie bomb for me (drinking around 1,000 calories a day--not good at all). And once I finally got myself off it (did 60 days without a drop) I found it didn't have the appeal it once did (and my stomach wasn't upset as much).

I still have regular soda now and again (especially if I need a little caffeine pick me up) but I'm glad I'm not obsessed with it like I once was.

KCTILLETT Posts: 101
5/25/11 9:49 A

I eliminated all soda a few months ago and have replaced it with water, herbal tea, crystal light...I just feel better in general. A couple times I've had a soda to go with a piece of pizza - they just fit!- but my body feels cleansed and healthier when I don't drink it. I do love it though!

MANDARYANE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,593)
Posts: 486
5/25/11 8:58 A

I love soda, it's a bit of an addiction. I do believe that diet sodas are a better choice, or even splitting a soda with someone else so you have the taste but half the calories. I did read an article the other day that said that the fake sugars in diet sodas do not break down properly and do cause weight gain. So, I have decided to really limit all soda intake and try to split sodas the best I can.

Also, I read that if you drink half a can, you can stop the opening up with a cotton ball and it will stay fresh for the next day if you want to drink it.

SOCCERFREAK83 Posts: 106
5/25/11 8:41 A

I usually have 1 to 2 cans a day of diet pop mainly when I eat lunch and dinner. I don't like water near enough to drink just that all day. So I drink water in the mornings and afternoons but drink the pop during meals. It works for me.

5/25/11 8:20 A

I used to like Diet Soda and drink about a can a day / every other day. But I can practically feel it eating away at my enamel, and it was causing me to be bloated and have acid reflux.

I haven't had a diet soda in about four weeks now! :)

SILVERSTAR1975 SparkPoints: (8,820)
Fitness Minutes: (6,387)
Posts: 120
5/25/11 8:18 A

I used to blame all the diet soda I was drinking for my bloated belly, but after giving it up for over six months without seeing a lick of improvement, I'm back to drinking it regularly. Turns out it was all the rice and bread in my diet giving me my perpetually 5 months pregnant look.

I find it helpful for satisfying my sweet tooth and as a good mixer when I want to indulge in the occasional mixed drink. It may not be the healthiest thing on the planet, but it's better than polishing off a candy bar or two.

XPECT2WIN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,243)
Posts: 99
5/25/11 8:08 A

Many, many studies saying it's bad for any number of reasons from sodium to apetite stimulation. It's bad.

That being said, I have yet to kick the habit completely. I'm a Diet Dew addict. Wish I weren't.

-POOKIE- SparkPoints: (312,643)
Fitness Minutes: (94,685)
Posts: 20,878
5/25/11 6:53 A

I dont think there is anything wrong with it.

I dont however drink it at home, simply to save money, but whenever Im out I always order diet drinks.

MYCUTEGIZMO Posts: 3,845
5/25/11 2:56 A

Does diet pop make you thirsty?

Does it make you hungrier or..fills you up?

SUCCESS44 SparkPoints: (9,754)
Fitness Minutes: (3,227)
Posts: 270
5/25/11 2:31 A

I think diet pop is fine unless you drink large amounts, it is an addiction for you or if drinking it causes you to not get enough water.

STHOMPSON32 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 24
5/25/11 12:55 A

I feel like I have to have my diet soda in the morning mainly because I'm not a coffee drinker and I like to get my caffeine in. I think that drinking an unlimited amount might be going a little overboard, but i can see drinking one or two. emoticon

RMCNULTY83 Posts: 252
5/25/11 12:33 A

I agree with Zannachan. I guess if I was being really honest, I would go a step further and equate diet pop with sludge. I don't like the chemically taste, and I'm don't trust the ingredients.

Everything in moderation, though.

ZANNACHAN Posts: 13,412
5/24/11 11:51 P

Personally, I can't stand diet pop; I hate the taste of artificial sweeteners. But that's a personal preference.

I've read some studies that suggest that artificial sweeteners can trigger hunger hormones so some people find themselves craving food, especially certain kinds of food. And soft drinks contain a lot of acid (carbonic acid, citric acid) which can effect teeth and the stomach. And caffeinated soft drinks have caffeine, which raises heart rate and opens your blood vessels up, which then constrict can cause headaches. And is addictive. So it's not necessarily a good thing to drink tons of pop.

But if you are not getting tons of empty calories, are drinking in moderation and you're feeling well and it helps with the sugar cravings, there are worse things you can do. When I drink soft drinks, I get the ones with sugar, so I have to limit them and account for the calories. But I figure there are worse things I could do to my body and while I would like some day to be mostly pop-free (for a number of reasons), I eat and drink mostly healthy food and I exercise and it's all accounted for in my diet, so I will not feel ashamed or guilty about the occasional soft drink.

It does not, however, count toward my water consumption because if I did that I would drink too much pop and not enough water.

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SMARTYPANTS24 Posts: 268
5/24/11 11:26 P

I keep myself down to 2-3 a day (not pop, but Crystal Light "singles"). It's the only diet product I eat, I double the water needed (use 1L water instead of just a pint when mixing).

It helps me get my water in...I know its not great, but I also know if I wasn't drinking that, I'd be having milk (which I can't afford as I drink almond milk), coffee/tea with cream and sugar, or juice instead, to the tune of 2-4 L a day...can't afford that in my wallet or in my calorie budget :|

So really, all in moderation is my view on just about everything

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ARACELI0071 SparkPoints: (831)
Fitness Minutes: (20,153)
Posts: 202
5/24/11 11:22 P

I always drink water and only once a week I drink diet coke.

THIRTEENREASONS SparkPoints: (40,621)
Fitness Minutes: (35,886)
Posts: 1,828
5/24/11 11:12 P

I usually drink 5-6 cans of soda a week. I find that it helps me keep the sugar cravings at bay... some people experience the opposite and get cravings for foods that they used to eat with soda, like chips. I don't have soda when I'm eating, it's more like a treat for me.

If you're drinking copious amounts of soda throughout the day I could foresee some problems with your teeth in the future haha but I don't believe the people out there who say diet soda will give you cancer or leech nutrients out of your bones... you'd probably have to drink A LOT of it for that to happen.

TRISTAGOODE1983 SparkPoints: (5)
Fitness Minutes: (50)
Posts: 8
5/24/11 10:56 P

I'm curious as to what you all think about diet pop. I was on Nutrisystem and was allowed to drink unlimited amounts of diet sodas. I'm not really sure if that is really ok though. What is everyones thoughts on this?

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