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6/6/10 9:37 A

Thanks for the feedback, I'll pass it along!

Coach Denise

EMMANYC Posts: 1,702
6/5/10 10:37 P

I decided to try the Sparkpeople diet personality quiz. It was ridiculous - worse than the silly quizes in fluffy magazines. I felt like answering "none of the above" to most of the questions. In particular, I remmembered the questions about a) breakfast habits, b) lunch habits and c) favorite dinner out.

A) Where is the option for "a balanced meal with some protein, fat and healthy carbs" to fuel my day? Or even, "whole grain cereal and a piece of fruit"?

B) Where is the option for something like "I eat a healthy meal made primarily of unprocessed foods that I brought or bought - like a salad with protein, etc."

C) And the dinner out choices? Buffet - blech. Sports bar with my friens - blech. Takeout - no. How about something like "A restaurant with a reputation for high quality ingredients and great cooking? Or "Something different every time - I like to try new cuisines." Or even "Anything but a chain?"

The bottom line is it seemed impossible to provide answers that would provide a result along the lines of "someone who seeks to achieve health, moderation, variety and pleasure" from her food. Given that that is what Sparkpeople promotes, shouldn't the quiz allow people to answer questions that reach that result?

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