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1/26/13 7:03 P

I love my caffeine- I don't drink coffee or tea, so soda is my go to! But I know that my desire for it has had to be curbed. I didn't go cold turkey- but what I did was upped my water intake and said I would allow myself one soda a day- I tried a streak of it and it failed the first time- a lot of stressers at school exploded and I binged on a few.

I did find that if I was going to drink a lot- I forced myself to buy the smaller cans- this way I could feel its affects but limit my intake. I then allowed myself a few more- so it seemed like I was drinking tons! Then I slowly weaned myself off of them. I still enjoy a soda maybe once a day- but I am not drowning my sorrows with them.

I would suggest try the smaller cans- they will help make you feel like you are drinking lots and can help you take small steps to drink less!

Good Luck!

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1/26/13 7:03 P

Your addiction isn't to Diet Pepsi, per se, but to caffeine. Caffeine is a very addictive substance and while not a controlled substance, it is considered a drug because it changes the body's chemistry.

Caffeine has the following side effects:
1. It's a diaretic meaning it causes water to be metabolized out of the body.
2. It's hard on the kidneys
3. It can cross the blood/brain barrier and can be mentally addictive
4. As a stimulant it increase heart rate.
5 It can cause stomach pain
6. Insomnia
7. Diarrhea
8. Changes is personality

How do you kick it?

To avoid the inevitable withdrawal headache, cut down gradually day by day. Substitute water for diet soda and take a pain reliever if necessary.

Good luck.

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
1/26/13 6:18 P

If, or when, you do want to cut down on it then you might want to try the method I used to quit drinking regular Pepsi many years ago. What I did was to start with, I'd pour every glass with 1oz of water in it. Once I got used to that, I changed it to 2oz of water in it. It was about once every week or so that I'd add an extra oz of water, until I was gradually down to 11oz of water with 1oz of Pepsi.

By that point, I couldn't stand the taste of straight Pepsi at all (it just seemed overpowering). It gradually became too much bother to have the Pepsi around for the little I drank, so I quit drinking it totally, with no cravings or side-effects. I haven't had a straight soda pop of any kind in a couple of decades, but every now and then I'll pour myself 1oz Pepsi and 11oz water as a sweet treat.

I never put a whole pile of pressure on myself to quit drinking it - it's just something that happened as a side-effect of my tastes changing as I gradually started watering it down.

ANARIE Posts: 13,179
1/26/13 4:04 P

It's bad for your teeth and your budget. And because it's bad for your teeth, it's doubly bad for your budget-- dentists are expensive.

But that's it. There's no proof that it causes any other harm to your health.

It's not good for you (which is different from being bad for you), but it's probably not the biggest threat to your health right now. Get the other things under control first. In particular, focus on tracking every day and on eating enough of the healthy foods you do need. Once you're eating your 5-10 servings of veggies and fruit consistently, recording what you eat, and doing a little exercise most days, and you've got a good start on the weight loss, THEN think about giving up the diet soda. You can't do everything at once, so start with what's most important and don't sweat the small stuff. Tracking your food every day matters a lot more than the Diet Pepsi.

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1/26/13 11:36 A

Instead of trying to quit cold turkey, what about slowly weaning yourself off of it, or down to a smaller amount? Like, instead of 6 glasses or whatever, switch to 5, and do that for a week or two, then switch to 4, and so on. Also for the glass you remove, replace it with water.

I used to drink at least a 6 pack of diet coke a day, and now I just have one in the morning for the caffeine (and I like the taste of it) as I don't like coffee or tea. Reducing it slowly really helps w/ the withdrawal symptoms. I would also switch to buying cans instead of 2 liters, to make this transition easier. It costs more but it's easier to "portion" it out.

The worst things about it, for me anyway, is the fact the acidity can mess up your teeth enamel and the colorings can discolor your teeth (I admit it, I'm vain about my teeth), and as already mentioned, there might be negative impact on your bones. You should probably take a calcium supplement to help w/ that too. I don't have the issue some talk about with it making me feel hungry or crave sweets. It actually has the opposite effect, it feels like a sweet treat for me so I don't reach for other stuff.

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1/26/13 8:04 A

Cookielover, a diet drink containing no calories is not "full of sugar" its impossible.

To the OP... look at this thread and listen to what Becky says AND backs up.

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1/26/13 7:23 A

Hi! I've looked through many diet reviews (
views/diets-training.html), and in many of them peopel complain about being addicted to diet pepsi. I think drinking pepsi is equal to killing yourself. There is nothing healthy in this drink. Besides, even "diet" soda drinks are not diet at all and contain tons of sugar

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1/26/13 4:11 A

My biggest issue with soda (and what finally made me stop) was that it sucks calcium from bones.
The second issue I've had with it is that I'm always dubious about fake sweetners (more likely than not, we'll find out in 20yrs that they cause cancer or something...)
Third, (at least some, if not many) people actually get hungry after diet soda. I won't add what the doctor lectured was the mechanism because either the he was hypothesizing when he said it or something, but I can't find evidence for it and people here have said it was untrue. Still, others here *have* confirmed that diet soda makes them hungry. IT may have 0 calories, but if you end up eating 200cal of chips you wouldn't have otherwise, does the 160 of regular suddenly look so bad? in short;
it hurts your bones
it contains more questionable chemicals than regular soda (let alone normal drinks)
it may make you hungry

1/26/13 1:44 A

Hi Fellow Sparkers!

I have questions! I am totally, completely in love with Diet Pepsi. I think I could give up chocolate, bread, everything else Ive ever loved food wise but I cannot give this stuff up for some reason. It is full blown withdrawals. Headache, tummy hurts, cravings, etc and lots of tears.

Is it really that bad for me? Ok, I know the amount that I drink is(Honesty here....1-1.5 Two Liter a day)but even at lower amounts, what makes it bad? Really, I dont know.

Do or did any of you have this issue and how on earth can you get past it. Please dont say just quit. It just doesnt work that way!

I hope someone understands!

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