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12/26/12 5:19 P

You don't need any "diet" lentil recipe. It's VERY hard to make lentils bad for you, so just go to a recipe search site like Epicurious, BigOven, or anything you like, and enter lentils and a few other ingredients you have on hand. You're pretty much guaranteed to find something healthy and inexpensive. With Epicurious you can even search just for recipes with a picture, and has pictures of almost every recipe, so you can look at them and have a better idea of whether you'll probably like the dish.

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12/24/12 8:32 A

I like to cook lentils, and then saute them with turkey kielbasa (cut up real small so it goes further) and some veggies, then mix in a little bbq sauce. It's kind of like a twist on baked beans!

SLENDERELLA61 Posts: 10,097
12/24/12 8:28 A

Did you read the meatloaf recipes in the DailySpark? There was a lentil meatloaf that looked really good. Also, if you search for vegan burger patties, I think you'll find a recipe using lentils. Best wishes.

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12/24/12 7:33 A

We often do a "lentil bake" as a one-pot meal at our house. There's no specific recipe, just a formula: Half a pound of green lentils to 3 cups of liquid. (The liquid can be any combination of water, stock, beer, wine, tomato juice... whatever you want to use to compliment the flavour of what you're cooking.)

To cook the meal, we combine the lentils and liquid with whatever chopped vegetables we feel like using (carrot, celery, onion, garlic, kale, root veggies, herbs) in a "Le Cruset" type cast iron pot that has a lid. (Our pot is an inexpensive KitchenAid version of the Le Cruset.) Then, we gently lay whatever protein we're using on top of the lentils, cover and bake at 350 degrees for 45-60 minutes. For protein we use fish, skinless chicken thighs, low fat sausages, or any meat that can be braised.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
12/23/12 10:50 A

Lentils and nuts combine to make a delicious vegetarian (can be vegan, I think) loaf. I hesitate to give a recipe because the loaf I have made is so delicious, I can't eat just one serving. Truly, there are very very few foods I can say that about - that's how good lentils and chopped/ground walnuts, oil, Bell's seasoning, and some other ingredients can be. Unfortunately, 4 servings of this stuff is just the beginning for me, so I haven't made it in quite a while. It tastes better to me than the best meatloaf I've had.

There are lower calorie lentil loaf recipes on the Internet. If you google 'lentil nut' loaf, you'll see a variety. If you just google 'lentil loaf,' you'll come up with a greater variety, some with nuts, and some without. It's a substantial, satisfying entree if you find a recipe you like.

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12/23/12 8:06 A

An easy but good tasting cheap receipe is 1/2 cello bag of lentils, 1 beef bouillion cube, and a handful of matchstick carrots. Around 230 calories a cup and loaded with protein.

You can also add a can of "Veg All" with the liquid which will make this soup heartier.

12/23/12 12:55 A

We eat curried lentils with rice or a lentil stew with sage, thyme garlic celery carrot and onion, salt and nutritional yeast (or you can use bouillon) and liquid smoke but just a tad instead of putting smoked meat in. I also use lentils to make veggie burgers just replace the beans for lentils..and some times I eat them plain with hot sauce and maybe a little greek yogurt stirred in

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12/22/12 8:50 P

Im looking for a diet lentil recipe, it can be soup or anything else. I like rice with them, so a mixture is okay as well...I need to cut down on cals and money, so any help I would be very grateful...

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