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12/16/13 12:22 P

no magic. just sanity. i don't have junk in the house or at least not very much. I don't bake though I love to. I don't cook as I don't usually eat hot or warm food. I don't buy processed food. I don't chew gum anymore because of the fake sugars. i will take a walk or do something else. If the feeling really persists, yes i eat.

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12/16/13 11:29 A

i do the gum thing too. i also do what you do: after the water and the gum, if i'm still hungry i find myself something to eat.

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12/16/13 11:04 A

I really don't have a magic trick. I wish it were that simple. For me, if I feel I'm hungry I'll usually go for a walk and listen to music. If after I come back I am still hungry I will eat something, but usually fruit/vegetables. If after eating that I am still feeling hungry then I guess I really am hungry and will have a meal. Also drinking more water and chewing gum helps a lot. Sometimes I will think I am hungry but after I chew some flavored gum the feeling goes away.

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12/15/13 8:04 P

So what has been your magic trick for dieting or healthy eating?

First, i thought mine was remembering to drink when i think i'm hungry, but then i realized my all time trick is to put the darn fork down between bites. i mean lay that sucker down. then pick it up again.

and for sandwiches or other finger type food, put the sandwich down between bites. that is my trick. helps me from gulping and eating so much before i realize what i'm doing. just put it down!!!

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