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AARONSGIRL420 Posts: 390
4/3/11 10:17 A

I don't drink soda. Occasionally (maybe once in 6 months) I might have a sprite and even then its just for the carbonation, I sip it and hate the taste lol.

I sometimes drink Crystal light Raspberry peach with fiber but I only mix in half the packet because I find it too sweet.

Mostly I drink tea.

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WE4BUCKS Posts: 140
4/3/11 9:36 A

Trying to quit the pop habit as well. I dink a LOT of Dt. Mt. Dew. I have a very hard time drinking water. I have tried Crystal Light but it bothers my stomach. I drank the lemonades and I think the acidity was the culprit. I have recently tried Mio water enhancer and I love it. I used to put a lot in my water but I am now finding myself putting less and less in my water.

4/2/11 2:56 P

I figure the crystal light wins over the diet coke because there is no caffeine and no sodium in the crystal light...

BRENDAS026 Posts: 487
2/19/11 4:05 P

theres a saying that you should never drink your calories that its unnecessary and i think its totally true, why spend calories on drinks when i can use them on food.

WOOBIE0902 Posts: 510
2/19/11 12:23 P

I love the Crystal Lite Iced Tea with Lemon. Diet soda makes me very thirsty.

NETGNAL Posts: 2,374
2/19/11 10:55 A

I love the idea of mixing carbonated water with a splash of juice. Thanks! We have our own carbonator. I plan to give it a try this weekend.

2/19/11 10:53 A

one thing i used to do to curb the soda habit while working towards cutting it out altogether-mix seltzer water with a splash of juice. cranberry juice with raspberry seltzer is really good, and though it's not ideal, it's definitely better for you than the real thing.

the carbonation in soda isn't actually the problem--it's all those fake sugars. small doses of real sugar help your body to know when it's had enough, which it can't do with dose after dose of the fake stuff!

DANSMOMTPM2 Posts: 735
2/19/11 10:31 A

Just my opinion, but I learned a long time ago that diet soda does not help weight loss (if you drink it every day) because the carbonation causes you to crave food - specifically sweets. So you are drinking diet, but then craving candy, and justifying it because you drank diet! I quit all soda (the hardest thing I ever done) last July. It is truly a burden off my back. I don't drink tea, but I do drink crystal light. Orange. The difference is - I don't crave it, I can go without it and not get all jittery.

DARKFLAME2009 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,297)
Posts: 1,625
2/19/11 10:27 A

both are full of chemicals.....aspartame is not good for you (I've just recently cut back on these things myself as part of my cleaner eating process)

You could try making yourself some iced herbal tea...brew tea then chill in the fridge....add some honey or stevia for some natural sweetness....

water is always the best bet though

MIDNIGHT06 Posts: 373
2/19/11 10:21 A

I like crystal light

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
2/19/11 8:52 A

While they both have the artificial sweetener, you are doing best by not drinking the soda(says a sodaholic). Sodas have acids and things in them that leach calcium from your bones.(My mother was told by her doc to not drink any more sodas due to osteporosis) Crystal Light doesn't.

FITNWHOLE Posts: 105
2/19/11 7:33 A

I drink mostly water but allow myself to have diet lemonade (not into sodas) sometimes for dinner or at restaurants without feeling guilty. The key is to enjoy they "no so good for you" items occassionally. If you make something off limits you are more tempted to have it and over indulge when you get it. Make some rules for when you allow yourself to have the things you like. Perhaps a diet coke on Sundays during dinner. Just some suggestions :)

NOMOREFOOLIN Posts: 12,260
2/19/11 7:33 A

Personally, I'd say you traded one for another. However, if you really don't like plain water, the Crystal light might be a good way to break the habit of flavored things. Keep watering it down a little each time, until you barely have any of it flavoring the water.

I agree with Ashbug about the TruLemon (I haven't tried the lime) it's really good, and gives a lot of flavor without fake sugars.

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ASHBUG124 Posts: 752
2/19/11 7:09 A

They are both just chemical water, sorry but it's true! I love diet coke but try to limit myself to one every few weeks.
Try naturally flavored seltzer like La Croix makes, or full flavored green teas like Salada green tea with purple or red antioxidants. If plain water is too boring you can also buy packets of TrueLime or TrueLemon which is just dehydrated lemon/lime juice you can toss in for flavor.

KEELY128 SparkPoints: (368,994)
Fitness Minutes: (286,821)
Posts: 5,926
2/19/11 1:56 A

diet coke

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (257,686)
Fitness Minutes: (99,151)
Posts: 11,446
2/19/11 12:43 A

I've pondered this same question as I've also been cutting back on Diet Coke. My conclusion is that if both have Nutrasweet/aspartame, then I'm trading one evil for another.

NETGNAL Posts: 2,374
2/18/11 10:56 P

I've been trying to cut back on Diet Coke and managed to go without all week. But I've switched to Crystal Lite Ice Tea. Is it really an better for me than Diet Coke or did I just trade one evil for another?

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