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11/22/12 5:07 A

It sounds to me like you have changed a lot of things all at once. I suggest that you slow down a little with the amount of exercise and the calorie reduction.

I nearly always used to eat between 1650-1850 calories, but I was gradually gaining weight over the years. When I went to 1400 calories - NOT a lot to drop - I found that I became very nauseous and ravenous. The nausea and hunger even woke me during the night. I always ate really healthy food, too! I went back up to what I was eating prior, and only went down in 50 calorie increments, allowing my body to get used to it before dropping again. Once I was on the 1400 calories, I had no problem sticking to it. I suggest that you give this a try, too! Also, ensure that you are eating enough protein and complex carbs from whole-grains/nuts, because they will help to keep you full for longer. Once I started to use the Nutrition Tracker I discovered that my total fat consumption was extremely low. Even when the Dietitian had increased my Omega-3 Fish Oil to 8g daily, I STILL had to work on increasing the fat. Healthy fats actually help with satiety, but do be aware that a gram of fat has more calories than a gram of protein or carbs has.

Remember that this is merely a Healthy Lifestyle - it isn't about deprivation or starvation, and it isn't about working out excessively. It is about portion control, wise choice of food most of the time, appropriate exercise, good hydration and ensuring that you get fruit and veges into your diet. If you restrict yourself, you will undo any progress because it isn't sustainable. You need to incorporate a normal life into your healthy lifestyle journey. Also, don't focus on the scales because they are only a part of this process. There are other ways of measuring success - things like how your clothes fit, your energy level, the condition of your sleep, and the condition of your skin/hair.

Good luck,

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11/21/12 7:55 P

I cook everything myself, from scratch. Today I had homemade pancakes for breakfast, a salad with two different cooked grains, four vegetables and homemade dressing for lunch, and another salad with greens, beans, fruit and seeds for dinner. I always use the recipe calculator on to calculate the calories of what I cook, then I can easily import them right into the tracker.

There are lots of ways you can lighten up Indian dishes. Lisa`s Kitchen is a popular blog that includes healthy versions of Indian dishes- you can find the recipes here: (302 Indian recipes!). Look for ways to add extra vegetables to your meals, replace some meats with legumes, choose something cooked in the tandoor over a korma sauce, sub brown rice for white rice, etc. Consider some of Spark's Indian restaurant tips when you're cooking:

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Have you tried turning ON your meal planner (its on the nutrition page) that will give you a complete meal plan to eat in your calories at each meal. You can click on the item and it will also give you options to swap with to still stay in this.
It may give you an idea on what and how much to eat at each meal. I know you may have to adjust with your Indian foods.

I have found a good combination that to keep each lower calories. And I tend to eat the same things for breakfast, lunch, snacks and after dinner. So the only thing that changes for me each day is the dinner. But I can still stay in range.


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I’m new to SparkPeople but since I am just at a loss right now I thought I would post here because I really have no idea what to do. I joined a gym recently and I’m trying really hard to lose weight but it just hasn’t been happening.
I know that to lose weight for my age and gender, you need to have between a 1200-1500 calorie diet. I’m finding that even though I’m eating everything healthily, I always go over that amount every day because I get so hungry. It’s only when I restrict food that I can get to 1600 – otherwise it’s around 1900. I just don’t understand it. When I “diet” and focus on counting every single calorie I consume, I find myself restricting food and not eating enough. Then a few days later, I can’t control my appetite and overeat. I know this is really bad for me and I shouldn’t go on “diets” at all but just focus on making good choices so I stopped counting calories but I’m still trying to write down everything I eat. I don’t know if I can keep this up though, it’s so hard – I know that everyone has different things that work for them and I think the technical side of this isn’t working. It’s really disheartening when my weight doesn’t budge and my jeans are still too tight no matter what I try. I know that I need to burn more calories than I consume. (I believe my activity level right now is low because I sit the majority of the day and just usually have a period of 30-60 minutes when I try to work out each day.) But how do I stay satisfied and full when I’m really hungry? (This is my main question). I should also say that I’m pretty lazy with food and I don’t want to have to cook all the time to make my veggies more exciting and taste better. I’m also Indian so I eat home cooked Indian foods that are very difficult to track calories.
More questions: What should the calorie breakdown be for meals? How do I know that I’m eating food from each food group in each meal?
Can you drink too much water? For a while when I was counting calories, restricting food, and doing really intense sweaty workouts, I drank TONS of water. I love water and I prefer it to any other beverage but sometimes I feel like I might be drinking too much when I have to go to the bathroom too often.
Help, please?

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