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4/17/12 2:11 P


MTOLL81 Posts: 464
4/17/12 1:59 P

Yes! We all make a point of hugs and kisses before going to work and school.

HEARTS116 SparkPoints: (125,545)
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4/5/12 9:58 A


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4/5/12 4:08 A

I make it a point to tell them everyday. We also have a "goodnight routine", which is always the perfect opportunity for any parent to make sure their child knows how much they are loved.

SENZ2001 Posts: 123
4/3/12 6:04 P

Hug, kiss, say "I love you" and look them in the eye.

4/3/12 9:08 A

What do you do on a daily basis that shows your family you love them?

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