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2/3/12 9:19 A

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2/3/12 8:16 A

Loopysusie - I have read where it takes 4 weeks for you to notice a change in your body, it takes 8 weeks for your friends and family to notice and 12 weeks for the rest of the world. I am just now at my 4 weeks and I AM starting to notice a difference! The scale is starting to move, my clothes are feeling a bit more comfortable and my energy level is higher. I know the Atkins diet works well for a lot of people but I wouldn't suggest it. I would say the plain old fashioned way works best..and is budget friendly. Cokes, sweet tea, sugary coffee are huge contributers to going over daily calorie goals. Salads and vegetables cost less than meat. An apple or crunch veggies are comforting and help keep cravings at bay (kind of like having a bag of chips - crunchy and satisfying), Beans in the crockpot have a lot of nutritional value and cost almost nothing. Stay away from high sodium foods! They make you swell, bloat and sweat. Processed light or diet foods are cheap but have HIGH sodium!
Keep it up, the backaches and swollen ankles/hands will go away, you will be able to walk up the stairs without running out of breath, you will be able to show that hubby of yours up!

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2/3/12 7:27 A

Ive been at this awhile now and losing weight is difficult at best. Totally over the last 3 months I have lost 6 lbs...Winter months are hard when your at home. I have to keep trying and keep finding that strength. I want this so bad......The scale is not your friend....

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2/3/12 1:43 A

Ah, the back ache, I was so mad with myself when I realized it is from my extra weight and because I abandoned gym..
I think the scale thing is common, we all know there is no need to do it but we still do it, lol XD
Good luck with your goal! emoticon

2/3/12 12:02 A

Thanks you for replying to me. I tried the atkins diet for a good while but in the end it didn't work out. The diet was costing me to much money. I'm on a fixed income and people started to scare me and say it was a bad way to lose weight.

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2/2/12 11:46 P

When I joined Sparks I was 214#, so I certainly know about the back ache from the fat gut, and the swollen feet, etc.
I read "WHY WE GET FAT AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT " by Gary Taubes' and it certainly helped me. I got it at the library. He found that Dr. Atkins knew what he was talking about.

2/2/12 1:33 A

I've been on sp for 5 days now and I couldn't help myself and I stepped on the scale. What the heck??? I'm still the same weight as I started. Oh sure DH loses 6 lbs that's not fair.
I feel like I need to lose the first 10 or so lbs fast. I don't want the back ache and swollen ankles and hands and feet falling asleep after 5 minutes of sitting. The panting after walking up a few stairs. Arggghh..
Time to regroup and work out my strategy.

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