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SHEENADEE SparkPoints: (216,659)
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1/28/12 10:17 A

p.s. In the Spark store, there is a contact email address for Shumsky ( I tried to email them; but, any mail is return with an error message stating: Message rejected by Google Groups.

Might need to update the site with a new address.

SHEENADEE SparkPoints: (216,659)
Fitness Minutes: (178,250)
Posts: 22,541
1/28/12 10:11 A


I'm the leader of the SparkPeople's Official Fitness Starter Kit Team and received a question from a new member I'm hoping you can help with.

We can no longer find the Starter Kit available for sale in the online Spark store. Has it been discontinued? I see the DVD offered; but not the entire kit. The kit contained the DVD, stability ball, resistance bands.

I guess the answer seems obvious in looking at the store; but, would you please confirm if the kit is permanently gone or if it was just hiding somewhere from me so I can respond to the member? :-)

Thanks much.

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