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8/12/13 8:06 P, in the US Maki Roll is a very particular type of sushi involving avocado?

You may be interested to know that the term "makizushi" simply means "rolled sushi" and can refer to all sorts of fillings everywhere else in the world...including Japan...

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8/12/13 7:47 P

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8/12/13 7:44 P

Haha, you're right, I'm being whiny.

It was a specialty roll, and yes, I did realize it was the "not best" choice but I should have plugged everything into the tracker BEFORE going to see where I'd be. I'm frustrated with dining-out options . . . I feel like you have to starve all day to keep your calories, etc. under control, but you're right, I normally would have 2-3 speciality rolls + probably dessert so this is progress.

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8/12/13 7:37 P

What is a maki roll? Is this something created for the US market? If so, it probably means it's loaded with stuff that's bad for you...!!

But did it ruin everything?

Out of curiosity, did you order this "maki roll" (whatever that is!) knowing it was a bit naughty or without any understanding of how many calories it contained?

Without knowing what it is, it's clearly wrong for me to say this food is naughty, but I suspect it's something that's it not delivering good nutrition for the amount of energy it contains.

Rather than getting hung up on this, examine your motivation for choosing it...this will be more beneficial in the long run.

It's a slow journey, but moving towards a thinking pattern that focusses on healthy habits rather than "boom or bust" eating behaviour is the way to go....

Good luck!!!! You can lose the weight if you stay focussed on the goal....

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8/12/13 7:31 P

the only way you "ruined" anything was if you got bad sushi and you got food poisoning.

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8/12/13 7:30 P

That maki roll would have had 300 calories give or take.

Would 300 calories ruin your day? I wouldn't think so. Even if you were right at the top of your range, and then ate that roll, you're only 300 calories over. So what? Maybe you lose less for one day. Maybe you maintain for one day.

One maki roll is not going to make or break you! It's "what you do most of the time, over a long period of time" that determines what kind of outcome you will have.

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8/12/13 7:15 P

Kinda discouraged . . . been eating really well today and planned to go out for sushi this evening . . . had greek yogurt for breakfast, spinach/strawberry/extra virgin olive oil for lunch, carrots/hummus for snack. For dinner I had edamame, a miso soup, and then ordered 6 pieces of sashimi and 1 maki roll (not fried/tempura but did have avocado and probably some spicy mayo). Does just the maki roll ruin the day? I have quite a bit of weight to lose (30+ lbs) btw.

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