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9/6/11 5:01 P

This whole thread made me laugh...;)

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9/6/11 4:46 P

Report the add. The web site has no control over what is being publicised; that is determined by complex automatic algorithms.

Besides, see it this way, if you don't have the courage to see a pizza add and not be bothered by it, you won't have the courage to say "no" to pizza when it is actually placed in front of you. Junk food is and will always be in ads, TV, radio, internet, at the street, at the movies, and maybe even in your refrigerator, so it's not about pretending it does not exist, it's all about determination and self control.

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9/6/11 3:49 P

I'm really not sure that dominoes pizza is much worse than the ad for Perdue precooked processed refrigerated chicken strips that I just saw....since the SP diet leaves room for everything in moderation there is no reason for them to block foods that aren't health foods. Almost everything is bad if not consumed in moderation. If anything seeing foods that might be tempting yet aren't right in front of you is a good time to practice self control.

As long as the ads aren't promoting false information I don't care what they are since the site is free. If the site were not free I'd have a thing or two to say about quite a few of the ads.

Also, if you don't like the ad don't click on it....a click is like voting for the ad to run more often because the advertiser will think it is working.

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9/6/11 12:33 P

I agree on the moderation thing. I typically don't look at the ads. As someone else mentioned, they could be for go-karts for all I know. emoticon But I do agree that a moderation lifestyle is the only way to make this work long-term. Banning something you love for the rest of your life is just not going to work out real well. I've been there/done that, and failed miserably. Now I don't have pizza regularly, but maybe every other month or so. And I thoroughly enjoy it!!! And it's working!!

Good luck, ignore the ads if they're advertising something you crave (or find a way to fit that into your calorie allowance once in a while), and use SP for all the amazing tools it offers.

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9/6/11 12:19 P

I like Spark Coach Tanya's answer. Honestly I would never have lost weight and stuck with this if I couldn't learn how to incorporate things like pizza and coke into my life. I have done the extreme deprivation diets and I don't stick to them very long.

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9/6/11 12:05 P

It's called an "ad roll". I work in marketing and the basic principle is this: if a website uses this ad roll form of advertising (like google ads, as mentioned below), the spaces allotted will pull in websites that you have visted in the past but did not make a purchase - it's a ploy to remind you to come back. It's also based on recent searches.

So, you've been to the Dominoes page in the past but didn't order. : ) So that's good!

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9/6/11 11:38 A

I will lend my view to "we could end the debate and ask a SP coach if they agree that a few pieces of dominoes and a jug of coke is recommended for weight loss, or increasing health....."

We believe that any food can be part of a healthy eating plan that promotes weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight -- including coke, diet coke, pizza, burgers and fries. Just as formula can have a place in a healthy breastfeeding relationship. People get into trouble when they follow an "always-never" approach to living. Trying to always eat healthy and never have a treat leads to following extremes and giving up when that perfect eating approach can't be maintained day in and day out and causes people to feel like they are missing out. It is the premise of a "diet" instead of healthy eating.

There are MANY healthy children, teens and adults that have grown up eating pizza, burgers, soda and candy who had it occasionally in addition to their whole grains, lean meats, low fat dairy, fruits and vegetables. There are also many others that only had the healthy options occasionally and had a diet that was mostly pizza, soda, fast food etc.

Sorry that the ad bothered you but are glad you love the site and the tools and resources it provides.

Coach Tanya

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9/4/11 5:57 P


As I say on my page, I might not have been very overweight, but my habits and attitude regarding healthy living were worse than a lot of people 50 or more pounds overweight. I attribute the fact that I stayed only "manageably" overweight due to great genes and luck.

ANARIE Posts: 13,125
9/4/11 5:31 P

"lol... says the fit person"

If you stop to think, you're going to see that you've provided a very neat counter to your own argument. Zorbs is NOW a fit person, who has managed to get that way while eating the occasional slice of pizza. There are hundreds of people just like her on the site, living proof that no single food is incompatible with healthy living or becoming more fit. Granted, Zorbs was never very overweight, but there are many of us here who have been.

"Listen everyone, its a fact that childhood obesity, adult obesity and diabetes are caused by overweight people eating and feeding their family greasy takeout."

Really? How do you explain me, then? I was an obese child, raised nearly 50 miles from the nearest fast-food restaurant. No one ever fed me greasy takeout, so how did I get fat? What about my mother? And her mother, and my father's mother? All of them were overweight at times and in places where there was no such thing as takeout.

Certainly, fast food is a likely contributor to obesity for some people. But so are inactivity, too much use of media, and lack of sleep. Does that mean that ads for cars, TV programs, and beverages containing caffeine are inappropriate? If food manufacturers and advertisers need to be held responsible for obesity, why not Ford and GM, since their cheap cars make it possible for people to drive two blocks to the grocery store instead of walking? Really, driving a car isn't healthy for anyone. And we should just ban television from broadcasting and shut down the Internet after 11 pm, since late-night TV and Internet use is a major factor in lack of sleep and there is a very clear correlation between excess body weight and fewer sleep hours, especially in children.

I very rarely eat fast food or takeout, and when I do, I have no trouble eating one slice with a large salad. I struggle with my weight because I eat too much peanut butter, nuts, dried fruit, and cereal. I find it very hard to open a package of cashews or dried apricots and eat just one serving. There are plenty of people like me, who find it difficult to control portion size of foods that are considered perfectly acceptable for other people, but I would never dream of suggesting that those things shouldn't be advertised. You'll also find a lot of members here who think fruit and whole grains are extremely unhealthy and have NO nutritional value. I for one would be very sad if SparkPeople capitulated to those people and banned those ads from the site.

(Okay, no, I wouldn't, because I use Ad Blocker so I would never know about it......)

9/4/11 4:46 P

thats awesome.... for real. Higher education is linked to a much better understanding what is misleading, unfortunately, millions do not have a higher education. The government does nothing to educate the majority of its citizens on the role of media in consumption. The education unfortunately comes only to those who seek it.

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9/4/11 4:43 P

One of these days, advertisers will learn I don't pay a bit of attention to their ads. They've wasted tons of money to entice *me* in. And it has failed.

I'm serious. They've failed.

9/4/11 4:39 P

I am not stressing. I am trying to lend a voice to a future of getting garbage advertising away from the public.

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9/4/11 4:34 P

When I was fat, I used to plow down an entire pizza in a sitting too.

Stressing about little things is unhealthy too.

Please have a nice day.

9/4/11 4:29 P

you are mistaken if you think that a company like dominoes is gearing their advertising to a population who only wants to eat their pizza "a slice every week or two, as part of a healthy lifestyle". They want the overweight population, and will advertise on any website an overweight individual may frequent.

I am actually disappointed at the blind eye everyone turns to the contribution of advertisers and companies supporting unhealthy foods has towards our current obesity epidemic.

I suppose you all feel that happy meals that include toys are also perfectly acceptable, to program children to believe that the golden arches is an awesome meal?

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9/4/11 4:24 P

lol... says the fit person. Listen everyone, its a fact that childhood obesity, adult obesity and diabetes are caused by overweight people eating and feeding their family greasy takeout. You can argue that dominoes is healthy until the cows come home, the fact is, that dominoes is not healthy food. The media's role in seducing overweight people to consume unhealthy products leads to overweight people getting fatter. Everyone SHOULD ignore advertisements that do not contribute to their health, but unfortunately, for an obese person beginning a weight loss journey, wonderful ads of seemingly "veggie loaded" pizzas (which is actually a deluxe pizza with pepperoni and veg that has no nutritional value whatsoever as it has been sitting out on dominoes counter for 12+ hrs today, plus yesterday before arriving on your pizza) are 9 times out of 10 the reason people fall off the diet wagon.

There is a reason Dominoes pays millions to advertise. It is because it draws overweight people to purchase their product, become addicted to their product, increase the amount of each order, and return again and again.

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9/4/11 4:00 P

I saw the dominos ad right when I clicked on this thread, lol.

It looked like a pizza topped with lots of veggies. Only "unhealthy" if you ate the whole thing!

FITMOMMY18 Posts: 384
9/4/11 3:59 P

There are ads for domino's and other junk food EVERYWHERE. At least on SP they are being used to keep this site available for all who need the help. Arguing that SP should only show ads that help the cause is like suing McDonalds for eating their food.

9/4/11 3:52 P



ok now I am done :)

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
9/4/11 3:48 P

You're welcome to argue it with them directly by the means described in the link. I rather think this thread no longer serves any positive purpose, would you agree?

9/4/11 3:46 P

reaching.... it is not healthy living. It is nice to enjoy occasionally, but greasy pizza and coke offers nothing to support one's healthy lifestyle.

Its one thing to argue that SP needs advertising dollars (I totally understand that), its another to argue that greasy takeout is healthy living.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
9/4/11 3:40 P

You quoted them yourself as looking for things that contradict "healthy living" not "weight loss". Is a couple of slices of pizza with a full coke "healthy living"? Yes, it is. Not every action in an otherwise "healthy lifestyle" has to be one that will lead to weight loss by itself. There is "lifestyle". There are social events, birthday parties, celebrations. You can't be "diet conscious" all the time, and since maintains that their approach is "lifestyle" based, not "a diet", I think if you argued this with them personally you'd lose.

Yes, pizza and coke (occasionally) can be part of your "healthy lifestyle".

No, they're not foods that lead to weight loss. No, the ads here don't have to be for foods that lead to weight loss.

9/4/11 3:37 P

we could end the debate and ask a SP coach if they agree that a few pieces of dominoes and a jug of coke is recommended for weight loss, or increasing health.....

CEDARBARK1 SparkPoints: (2,485)
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9/4/11 3:37 P

I do have to agree with most of the respondents on this thread. I'd rather see this site free (with the occasional iffy ad) than a paid subscription site. It serves a better purpose this way. Long term if not short term. I understand your concerns, I am seeing a lot of "bread-oriented" things -- being low carb myself, I could object, but I won't. No ultimate point to that -- I want to be in a supportive community while I lose weight, and I definitely can ignore the ads which don't reflect my low-carb perspective.

I know for certain I disagree with the recommended carbs and fats levels that are considered optimum. That's fine. I'm getting far too much benefit out of being a member here to worry about that. Advertisements are something I barely notice, most days. Shrugging. I'm not going to worry about the ads when I have resources to look into for myself, and I seriously suggest you do the same, even/especially if you don't come to the same conclusions I'm coming to.

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9/4/11 3:34 P

one should always remain true to their cause, or risk losing credibility, which is why I mentioned the formula ad on a breastfeeding support thread on SP sister site as well. with so many ads, its easy to not know all of them that are being promoted on their site. No one is perfect, but its ok to point out contradictions. The dominoes ad is the only ad here that I have noticed as being out of place.

thanks for the link on reporting.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
9/4/11 3:29 P

I have to agree with Cindy. The ad doesn't break any of the things you listed that Spark looks for in removing ads.

"misleading, unsafe, offensive or contradictory to our medically-accepted recommendations for healthy living and weight loss"

I think we can all agree it's not misleading, or offensive. So we're looking at whether eating pizza and coke is contradictory to "our medically-accepted recommendations". That means they're looking for things like the HCG diet, which recommends eating only 500 calories a day, or ads that claim that if you eat no carbs you'll be healthier. Not ads for certain food types which, while not "healthy", are okay in moderation.

Remember Sparkpeople hemorrhages money. The site doesn't pay for itself. Founder Chris Downie refuses to make it member-pays, as he wants Sparkpeople accessible to all, so it's going to have to advertise. There just isn't enough advertising in purely healthy products to actually pay enough - they HAVE to take some ads which are "sometimes foods" (to quote poor cookie monster).

Anyway, I appreciate that you didn't personally like that ad. Sparkpeople has a policy on how to report ads you think are unacceptable. Here is what to do:

CEDARBARK1 SparkPoints: (2,485)
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9/4/11 3:24 P

CSIENK: Umm,.. maybe it it's the bread, starch laden and all.

Anyhow for me, and from what the original poster noted, it's over. I ignore ads, personally. They don't do aromatics, and so I'm personally fine. Probably would be anyways. The original poster noted its over, too.

Edited by: CEDARBARK1 at: 9/4/2011 (15:25)
9/4/11 3:22 P

the ad was for 2 lg pizzas and 2 jumbo cans of pop. which category of healthy does the pop fall under?

Lets not assume I am an idiot. I know that a slice of pizza is perfectly acceptable. Lets also assume that most people beginning a weight loss journey can eat just one slice of pizza, ok? What I was ranting about was that an advertisement for takeout pizza combos including cola were not exactly promoting weight loss. I'm not sure why it is being taken up 4 notches. I love SP, and I don't agree with ads for Dominoes, and that is perfectly acceptable.

Just as an ad for infant formula is not acceptable on a breastfeeding support thread on babyfit.

CSIENK Posts: 6,721
9/4/11 3:06 P

I know you're over it and all, but I'm wondering... which of these did you think that ad was?
"misleading, unsafe, offensive or contradictory to our medically-accepted recommendations for healthy living and weight loss" ... The only one I can think it might be close to is the last one, but, in moderation and loaded up with veggies, a slice of pizza is certainly an acceptable option for most of us.

Edited by: CSIENK at: 9/4/2011 (15:06)
9/4/11 3:00 P

I will ask that you refrain from making assumptions about my panties, who are you? lol.

JDELEON81 SparkPoints: (12,792)
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9/4/11 2:53 P

I remember one day when I signed on I saw an ad for friendlys.. which used to be a fav place to eat with the fam. I haven't eaten there in over six months cause I'm not sure I could walk in and choose the best thing on the menu. . .regardless at first I was mad.. then I was like hey everyone's gotta get paid. Spark is free.. so they need the money. I get it.. and I'm over it = )

OPUSEVA Posts: 1,330
9/4/11 2:35 P

Don't understand why your panties are in such a twist. Pizza is perfectly acceptable under the spark plan. Just because there's an ad for pizza does not mean they're advocating that you should eat the whole thing. Nothing wrong here at all.

9/4/11 12:34 P

yeah, I should complain to dominoes, but im over it now hehe... a good vent was good enough :)

ANARIE Posts: 13,125
9/4/11 12:26 P

When a legitimate company advertises on an inappropriate site, you're better off complaining to the company than to the web site. The advertiser has more control over the ad placement and is paying for it, so they're much more able to do something about it. Complain to Domino's, and be sure to use the word "offensive" and maybe something like "targeting vulnerable populations," and you might get some response. (Or you might get a bunch of coupons for free pizza if they don't really read the complaint.)

There are also free, safe ad-blocking add-ons for the major browsers. I use one of those, and I don't see any ads at all, just an occasional blank space. It's really nice.

9/4/11 12:14 P

It is important for sparkpeople to promote healthy living at all times, and I am sure they are not offended that I brought this to their attention, based on their comments...

"SparkPeople does maintain a high level of standards for ads. Because we oppose diet pills, for example, we turn down revenue and sponsorships from diet pill companies on a regular basis. While we don't necessarily endorse every product that is advertised on our website, we do our best to block ads that are misleading, unsafe, offensive or contradictory to our medically-accepted recommendations for healthy living and weight loss."

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
9/4/11 10:23 A

I must be the only person on here who NEVER even looks at the ads. I couldn't tell you if they were for Dominoes or go-karts. LOL

CEDARBARK1 SparkPoints: (2,485)
Fitness Minutes: (50)
Posts: 996
9/4/11 7:05 A

Thanks for letting me know they use Google Ads here for their ad service. I understand the principle.

I'm not worried about having pizza looking back at me on my screen -- just thank goodness aromas can't be wafted out at viewers! (THAT would be the killer!)

NIRERIN Posts: 14,084
9/4/11 5:56 A

you should really click the link that's under all sparkpeople ads. because it explains that sparkpeople does not do their own advertising, they use google ads, and thus keep a line open to get feedback on those ads [and to report the ones that don't mesh with spark].
because, you see, by the fact that you mentioned this, i can tell you did not have gmail beta and you did not pay any attention to the fuss google caused with it. because that's where they pioneered/tested the system that they use for google ads. which is this. when advertisers go to google ads, they pick keywords and when those keywords show up in the text on a site, their ads get played in the google ad boxes. i'll use some of my emails as an example. when i email my mom about my cats, i'll get ads for petsmart and those 1-800 pet meds and such. because cats seems to be a keyword that unlocks those ads and gets them to show. when i email my friend about growing pineapples, i'll get dole ads, hawaiian vacations, etc because that is what kind of ads writing about pineapples triggers.
have you found the issue with this yet? it's that many advertisers who have scam weightloss products have trigger words that show up on spark a lot. same for new foods and a lot of other things that sparkpeople doesn't want on their site. and they do have some control over what can and cannot show. the problem is that they can't sit around trying to trigger every ad that shows up. so they have to rely on members, who when they find inappropriate ads, to click on the information link and report that this ad is showing so that they can take care of it. because short of getting an advertising department [which it actually looks like they are trying to drum up enough individual business to replace google ads with other, selected sponsors] and setting up a room full of people trying to trigger all the ads, they can't do it alone.

Fitness Minutes: (20,400)
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9/4/11 12:32 A

What would you prefer - having to pay for Spark People or seeing an occasional ad for pizza?

I think you should Google "Ad Block".

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 16,811
9/3/11 9:40 P

I am not disappointed. The ads keep Spark People free. And no food is off limits including pizza.

9/3/11 9:24 P

I'm actually more than disappointed. I am angry. I come to this site to focus on my nutrition, and get motivated entering my food log, and reading posts, only to have to look at a big pizza staring me in the face. Not cool!!

9/3/11 9:18 P

Yes I did! Sparkpeople people, why is there ad's for Dominoes pizza and pop in the corner of my screen???

to be specific, it is an ad directing me to purchase dominoes pizza AND regular 2L coca cola products!!

Im very disappointed.

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