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8/18/13 8:40 P

Some of the initial weight loss was water weight, and you may gain 5 lbs after today, which is also water weight. Over the next few days you will probably re-lose some more water weight that you re-gained with the binge.

Of more concern than your weight fluctuation, which happens, is the binge. You need to figure out what is causing that. If you do, you can lose weight steadily. It may taper off to 1-2 lbs a week, after initial water weight is gone, but if you can avoid the binges, and stick to it, those pounds add up quickly. The most important part of weight loss is not the week of eating good, since most of us are professionals at losing weight. It is avoiding weight re-gain after we have lost it.Finding out what causes this, and preventing it from happening, is ultimately the difference between success and failure.

Find a way to lose more pounds than you regain, and with a little patience, you will eventually hit GW.

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8/18/13 4:51 P

I'm so happy for you! Six days on the path, one day different; I think 6/7 is worth feeling happy about.

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8/18/13 2:56 P

What Becky said


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8/18/13 12:58 P

8 pounds gained in 1 day would require 28,000 extra calories to be consumed.

You may have consumed calories to gain 1 or 2 pounds.
You may have had so much extra sodium that you are retaining water pounds (this will correct itself in about 3-4days).

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8/18/13 12:30 P

No - I don't THINK you can gain 8 lbs in a day! You just fell off your wagon temporarily. Climb back up there, and hold this day's splurge in your memory so you remember the irritation and fear you're feeling now the next time you're tempted!

Off days are just that. Pick yourself up and keep going. A misstep isn't a dive off into the ether. You can get back on your path. Don't let it derail you.
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8/18/13 12:27 P

I have been having 700 calories for each meal three times a day. I have also been doing cardio walking for thirty minutes every day. Within one week I lost eight pounds. (Perhaps some of it was water weight?) Anyway, I feel like I just destroyed all my progress by binge eating on the seventh day. Can you gain back eight pounds in one day? Replies appreciated. This is just a fall back im trying to get back on the wagon. I would try the scale but I do not own one.

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