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6/24/13 2:07 P

I doubt you did any damage to your body. A good portion of the weight you lost was probably water weight. I wouldn't try to lose that much weight every week, though. I'd stick to trying to lose a couple of pounds per week as slow weight loss is better.

One thing to think about is that staying in the water for so many hours per day over the long term may not be the best thing for your skin.

Overall, I think swimming is great and I also enjoy being in the water. But, I'd limit it to an hour or two per day, at most. Check with your doctor about how much and what type of exercise is okay for you.

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6/21/13 4:05 A

hey i dont think there is any harm u have done to urself.
ask urself a couple of questions first
1) r u restricting ur calories way too much? or sticking to ur calorie range?
2) do you end up feeling beaten down and too tired at the edn of the day??

if u r in ur safe calorie limits n feel energised or on-the-go ,dont worry at all..

our bodies r different.some of our bodies respond quickly to new workout routines and at times its just a bulk of water retention that bid goodbye...
so chill n stay put.
best wishes :)

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6/21/13 1:38 A

Hi - congrat's on your weight-loss so far. I'm glad that you are enjoying the swimming pool :-)

Given that according to your SparkPage you are on very strong medication re a heart condition, I think that you are best to talk about this with your Dr! He/she is the best one to advise you. You might also benefit from a referral to a Registered Dietitian. Your Dr will be able to refer you if you want!

Good luck,

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6/21/13 12:16 A

Have you worked out the Cals in/ Cals out with ur excerise tracker and food tracker?

Ur doing A LOT of swimming,, A PURE PLUS !!!!!!! If it's NOT HURTING ur muscles,,, or another part of ur body physically (other than the swimmers ear) than GO FOR IT !! For Swimmers ear,,, look online,,, there r products you can buy to prevent that,,, also for awhile,,, keeping ur head above water will help it out. Than once you heal,,,, do the product and of course follow Dr's orders. :)

CONGRATTTERs On weight loss !!! I am on a team where one gal exercises 3 or 4 hrs a day,, loses 5 to 8 lbs a week,,, has been now for 12 weeks,,, see's her Dr for other conditions ,,,, and he says she's DOING FAB !!!

So keep track of the weight as said,,,on ONE scale,,,, ,over a 4 week period,,, if it's at 10 lbs after 4 weeks,, than yeah ask Dr,,,,,, I know when I swim,,, I pee A LOT MORE !!!! How about ya?

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6/20/13 2:29 P

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double post, sorry.

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6/20/13 2:28 P

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There could have been a differences in the two scales you used for weighing yourself. The loss could also be a result of water retention. Have you been doing a lot of peeing this past week ? If you've been "going" frequently that would explain the dramatic loss. I can easily gain or lose as much as 3-4 pounds in a day because of a shift in my water weight.

So, yes, 10 pounds in a week could be a water weight fluctuation. Is it anything to worry about ? If your weight stablizes, then you're probably fine. If you were to keep seeing this type of loss week after week after week, then I would be concerned. A one time jump like this is not that unusual.

Talk to your doctor and see what they think. It doesn't hurt to give your doctor a call. Like I said, the difference in weight could be a result of the two different scales.

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6/20/13 2:13 P

Let me just say, I have never really been in a pool in my life and my mom got a pool from her sister so i was so excited, the pool is chest high and can fit in a two car carport. everyday for 8 days I would wake up at 7 and take a 1 hour break around 12:00 or 1:00 and then get back in until 8:00pm
I would try hard and long to swim, i learned to after 3 days. I am taking a break for a few days because it feels like my body is shrinking or something, the day before the pool was set up i went to a dr appointment for a ear infection, and i weighed at 287 and then after a week i weighed 274 so I lost 10 pounds in a week, this isn't going to hurt me is it!? D:

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