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4/23/13 8:36 P

When it comes to restarting a workout regimen it is best to be like the tortoise.

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4/23/13 6:59 P

Yeah, unfortunately pain is par for the course when re-starting exercise after a long period of none whatsoever. At least for people who are, as you say, no longer 25.

(I'm assuming the pain is muscular, if not, you'll need to see a doctor to get it properly diagnosed.) The previous poster made the assumption that it's calf pain -- I'm guessing the same myself, since I've felt it. There's only two things you can really do for it. First, build up very slowly. If your legs will only allow five minutes (or ten, or 30), then only do five minutes (or ten, or thirty). As frustrating as it is, in retrospect you'll find it's really not very long until you can tolerate more. And avoid hills/avoid running (if you were considering it), those are just even harder on the calves.

Second, you may be able to do some exercises to strengthen those muscles so that you build up your abilities more quickly. If you google for calf strengthening exercises or exercises aimed at preventing shin splints, that's what you're looking for.

Good luck! The best thing about being so out of shape (I say, having been there myself) is that you see improvements very fast! You can do it.

4/23/13 1:36 P

Thanks, everyone for your comments.

I do not wear heels. I have a pair of Avias to walk in. I may need to invest in a new pair, as these are a couple of years old. I have a desk job....very sedentary.....I wear flats or Crocs to work.

This has never happened to me before when I have started an exercise program....but I also need to remember that I haven't moved in 2 years....and I'm not 25 anymore. I also suffer from depression...that also had a lot to do with my being sedentary. I am on a new medication now, and I feel like I can tackle the world. I will take it slow for awhile and hopefully work up to where I was when I stopped exercising.

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4/23/13 12:38 P


As others have already noted, if you've been very sedentary for a long time, you need to slowly ease into a routine so that your exercise will become just that, a routine.

Also, do you wear heels ? If you wear high heels at work and then go to flats (walking shoes or cross trainers) later, that can cause calf pain. I do know women who can go from one shoe to the other without feeling any pain. their feet are used to it.

However, if you feel pain you may want to consider wearing lower heels if you do happen to wear heels. If you don't want to give up wearing high heels, make sure you do some calf stretches at the end of your workouts.

Some of the calf pain could be a result of you trying to do too much too soon. try slowing down. if you haven't walked in years, don't try to start with an hour walk, start with 10 minutes and see how you do.

Also, are you wearing proper footwear when you walk ? What are you wearing for shoes ? Your calf pain could be a result of wearing improper footwear too. Some problems that people have with their calves, feel, ankles, knees or hips can be traced back to the shoes they are wearing. So, if you weren't fitted for a proper pair of walking shoes, you might consider doing that too.

Just a few random thoughts.

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4/23/13 12:38 P

Yeah, your fitness is basically nonexistent after 2 years of inactivity. Your muscles are going to need some time to adjust. If all you can do now is 5 or 10 minutes of walking or bike riding, don't push it. Just do a tiny bit more each time. I bet in a few weeks you will see a big improvement. It's going to be hard but stick with it. It will get better!

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4/23/13 11:34 A

Yes, not moving in 2 years can do that. You need to build up to your previous level of activity.

How are your shoes? Did you get a new pair of properly fitted walking shoes, or did you grab an old pair of tennis shoes out of the closet?

Try getting a new pair with a proper fitting, and see if that helps. Just take it slow! SP has a great 5k walking program you can try to see if it helps. It got me off the couch and walking. :)

4/23/13 10:55 A

Baby steps. It is so important to start small and gradually up your time/intensity. The quickest way to fail doing exercise is to do too much too soon.
Your diet will be the reason you lose weight. The exercise is an enhancement to the diet.
So walk for a bit and then stop. The next day walk a bit further. Bike riding uses different muscles and can be a challenge in the beginning with hills. The good news is that it wont take long for you to get in the groove, as long as you are consistent.

4/23/13 10:43 A

I just recently re-joined Spark, and I am doing great with my eating and tracking. Its exercise that is giving me problems. I tried going back to my favorite exercise...walking. I started having terrible pain in the backs of my legs. At the time, I was on a statin. My doctor told me to stop taking it. Now I am trying to ride a bike. My legs, besides hurting, actually felt like they gave out on me! neighborhood does have some inclines....and I haven't ridden a bike in over 20 years. Am I expecting too much of myself? Maybe I am doing too much too soon. BUT if I don't exercise, I am not going to lose any of this weight. My husband used to joke with me about my muscles having "atrophy" because I stayed on the couch so much....maybe that is true now. I am trying not to get frustrated. **I have been to the doctor, and there is nothing wrong with my legs...I had a arterial doppler done*** Any comments would be appreciated. :-)

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