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DINNYMO26 Posts: 396
3/10/14 5:43 P


I'm so inspired by your effort and determination! Thanks for posting!

SILLY7734 SparkPoints: (48,585)
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3/10/14 5:39 P

Very nice! Way to keep pushing yourself and improving. Pushups are hard, but not impossible.

I find doing them 3-4 times a week works best for me. A lot of people like daily pushups, but I find it injures my shoulders.

Best of luck as you continue!!

3/10/14 4:06 P

emoticon on your push ups
2 years ago I could only do 3 than I started doing them every day and have worked up to doing 65 at a time

KSWENSON8 SparkPoints: (7,002)
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3/10/14 3:57 P

Awesome! Hopefully I can do as well as you some day! I can barely even do girl push ups right now haha

KSWENSON8 SparkPoints: (7,002)
Fitness Minutes: (1,470)
Posts: 115
3/7/14 5:18 P

great job!!

DAGNY99 Posts: 1,302
3/6/14 7:14 P

Did 2 sets of 11 tonight. The last one was hard but I did it.

ARMYWIFEKASS93 SparkPoints: (4,384)
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3/6/14 10:34 A

Awesome job!
I can't wait till I can do one regular push up hhaha

SHOOPETTE SparkPoints: (0)
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3/6/14 7:46 A

Nice job!

MSMAKEOVER SparkPoints: (229,743)
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3/6/14 12:57 A


MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,427
3/5/14 6:50 A

Well done!

DAGNY99 Posts: 1,302
3/4/14 7:05 P

Ok so I am always afraid that I will get excited over something then will find it was just a fluke and I can't do it again.
I tried to do standard push-ups last year (not on knees) and wanted to work up to 24. I remember getting about 6-8 but every other time I tried I wouldn't be able to do as many as before. I also quit trying...
But I have been trying it again lately and I keep hitting 10. Friday, Sunday and tonight I did sets of 10 so I figure 3 times doing it, it counts!?
I want to work up to 24....I figure each month I need to add about 1 to 2 push-ups to get there?

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