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4/2/13 7:35 A

It is normal for a "generic" eating plan that is using typical food portions as measurements--to be off by a few grams here and there.
I do like your idea of meeting with the Registered Dietitian for "final tweaking" of your plan. This will be based on your individual treatment plan, your medications and the blood sugar readings that you are getting.

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

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4/1/13 11:53 P

1200-1550 calories and carbs 150-194 per day with 38-48 per meal and 19-24 per snack. It is my understanding that when planning a diabetic friendly meal, the object is to keep carbs close to the same amount per meal. The majority of the meal plan is on the high end of carbs per day. Some of the meal plans will have fewer carbs for a meal and then have over 30 carbs for snack. Is this a normal plan? I have a meeting with a nutritionalist that is supposed to set my daily carb count. So I will check meal plan after that and have to adjust accordingly.

4/1/13 1:28 P

So from your post, I assume you are using the Sparkpeople Diabetes Meal Plans in your nutrition tracker.

So I can investigate this issue, can you share the following???
Your SP calorie range
Your SP carbohydrate range, and
the amount of carbs listed in the daily meal plan that is "over" your range.

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Becky

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4/1/13 12:25 P

Why does the meal plan that is available for me have more carbs than is suggested in my tracker?

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