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6/9/13 10:13 A

Driving me nuts too. If one more person tells me to just eat salad! It won't raise your blood sugar! Well, it won't digest either! Then I don't want to get into all my medical problems with them. It is really hard to understand what to eat, because the diet for high sugar and gastroparesis are quite opposites.

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4/8/13 1:28 A

Here is a link that you may find helpful:


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4/7/13 10:22 P

I just found out about gastroparesis and how it is tied to diabetes within the last few weeks and have been trying to learn about it. NOT MUCH INFO OUT THERE!!! This is my first day on spark and I am so happy I have found it and you. I am right now just on oral medication, but the doctor (or rather his nurse) left me a message to come in and learn how to use injectable. I doubt his knowledge beyond the basics of this condition. It strikes me it is underconcidered, maybe because it is not as "visible" or obvious as other diabetic issues like nuropathy of the legs or eyes and combines or mimics other conditions. I work in a bookstore and have had little success in finding much on it in all the books on diabetes and diabetic diet. I think one of the most frustrating ironies is that the diet is pretty much opposite the suggested diabetic/healthy diet of fresh/raw fruit, vegetables and whole grain.

I look forward to hearing from anyone wandering down this road too. Together we can support each other.

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3/13/13 6:33 A

I agree - talk with your Dr and ask for a referral to Dietitian, then you will get the information as it pertains to YOU!


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3/13/13 5:43 A

I really do think this is one of those cases where you need to be working with your doctor and a registered dietician or certified diabetes educator, to come up with a meal plan that addresses your diabetic gastroparesis.

When it comes to specific health issues, you're much better off getting advice from medical professionals. They know your medical history and are really the best ones to advise you.

3/13/13 1:00 A

Oh, yes, and I can't eat fruits and veggies with too much fiber in them because my tummy can't digest them.


3/13/13 12:49 A

Is anyone else having problems with their blood sugar readings because of diabetic Gastroparesis? I think I'm eating right and at appropriate times, but then I'll get a 411 or a 40. I know I'm supposed to drink a lot of water when eating, but this is driving me nuts.

Please help.


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