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a normal BS is 70-110 on most scales...test done in the morning fasting. Having an A1C annually is one medical means of keeping up with what your BS has been for the last 3 months. You are high risk for developing DM...but you can postpone/prevent it with lifestyle. Just keep Sparkin'!!!

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11/6/11 11:18 P

From the Joslyn Diabetes Center (affiliated with Harvard Medical School)

Fasting Plasma Glucose –This blood test is taken in the morning, on an empty stomach. A level of 126 mg/dl or above, on more than one occasion, indicates diabetes.

Casual or Random Glucose - This blood test can be taken anytime during the day, without fasting. A glucose level of 200 mg/dl and above may suggest diabetes.

If any of these test results occurs, testing should be repeated on a different day to confirm the diagnosis. If a casual plasma glucose equal to 200 mg/dl or above is detected, the confirming test used should be a fasting plasma glucose or an oral glucose tolerance test.

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Fasting in the morning over 100 is diabetic, I believe.


11/6/11 12:19 A

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Diabetes runs in my family and I have always heard that the question is not if you will get it, just when. I had mine checked several years ago by my dr and I didn't have it. Now I check my blood glucose levels at home. My question is what is the optimal level for someone that doesn't have diabetes? I can't find that answer anywhere. I read somewhere that if it has never been above 200 then you aren't diabetic. Any information or sites that would help me to understand this better would be appreciated. Thanks

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