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10/11/13 1:16 P

Hey congratulation on getting your degree. I got my degree late in life with kids and I know it is tough. Good going!!!

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10/10/13 1:09 P

Congratulations on getting your degree!

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9/22/13 1:18 A

My son wasn't developmentally delayed but he did get speech services when he was 4 years old. It was quick and easy and provided through the school system. All I had to do was approach them to have him tested.

I don't know how it is now... that was 11 years ago.

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9/19/13 8:34 A

Thanks for your response ANDILH :)

I passed the class with a B- not great but better than I am a college grad emoticon

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8/4/13 12:03 A

Our experience was very different because it happened so long ago. My sister is nearly 30 and while she is partially classified as developmentally delayed, she is severely multiply impaired. Her mental age is about 15 months.
In Michigan currently there is a fairly straight forward method of getting services for children. As soon as there is evidence that a children has a delay in any area they are eligible for Early On (if younger than 3 years old). Early On comes to the child's home to do an assessment and determine what services they are eligible for. Early On is technically run through local school districts, but since who runs school district varies in different states, I imagine who to contact might change as well.
Because these services are administered through the school districts, when enrolling a child for kindergarten their services should be transferred to their local school districts.
However if the services are provided outside of Early On, register your child for school in the same way, however request an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) as soon as possible. Make sure you have all the documentation from doctors, therapists, etc. You can have anyone attend an IEP that you would like. Don't sign the IEP unless you agree with everything on it and it's the way you want it.
I think different school districts have different ideas of what is helpful. While I haven't had a lot of experience with enrolling kids, however I have tons of experience once the kids are in school. I have sat as a family advocate in more than 50 IEPS for a variety of reasons. Some school districts are more welcoming and accepting of children with disabilities, while others don't want them and make that very clear. I wish it were different and I fight for that everyday, but with budget cuts pitting special education students against "regular" education kids I don't see things improving anytime soon.

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7/15/13 2:59 P

Hello all..i'm doing a project on the florida diagnostics and learning resources system. I am the mother of a child who was diagnosed with a speech delay shortly after his second birthday, he is now four (5 in november) and just graduated out of speech earlier this year.

even if you reside in another state, just wondering what your experience has been with getting services for your developmentally delayed children?

for example, how did you go about enrolling them? was there a paper application or some type of digital form? how long did it take to enroll your child(ren) in these services? did they get back to you in a reasonable time? what would you have preferred?

Thanks in advance :)

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