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Detox programs

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4/27/13 12:05 P

I would never consider doing any detox program. I decided to have a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy. SP teaches me to do that. No need for detox. My body is happy with the exercise and nutrients I give it. emoticon

Posts: 12,320
4/27/13 11:51 A

Are you talking about drug and alcohol detox? If so, talk to your local hospital. There are a lot of programs that focus by differing degrees on the physical and psychological aspects, so you would need a bit of evaluation to get into the one that would work best for you.

But if you're talking about "diet detox" or "removing toxins from your body," there's literally no such thing as a tested detox program, because that type of "detox" is a made-up thing to sell scam products. It's not testable because it's not real. You don't have toxins that can be removed by diet or herbs. If you're healthy, your liver and kidneys detoxify your body naturally. When you sweat or use the bathroom, that's all the detox you need. If there are any toxins in you that your body can't get rid of on its own, then you need hospitalization, not a box of herbs from WalMart.

And if by "detox" you just mean that you want sort of an event that marks the moment when you "cleaned up your life," then I recommend The Two-Hour Black Bag Cleanse. Get a cardboard box and a black plastic garbage bag. Take them into the kitchen. Take EVERYTHING out of your pantry, fridge, and freezer and stack it all up on the kitchen table or counters. (Take a minute to wash down the shelves and sponge out the fridge if they need it.) Look at each item and ask yourself, "Will this help me be healthy?" If the answer is yes, put the item back where it was. If the answer is "no" and the package is still sealed and not expired, put it in the cardboard box. If the answer is "no" and the package is open or old, throw it away in the garbage bag. Then haul the bag out to the dumpster (exercise!) Finally, take the box to nearest food bank, and on the way home stop at a good grocery store. Think about the price of the most expensive "detox" product you were thinking of buying, and spend that amount on healthy, fresh food to replace the junk you threw out.

By the way, most "detox" products are just strong laxatives. They may be labeled "natural," but that's only because the strongest laxatives happen to be plant-based. (For example, the senna plant is the main ingredient in Ex-Lax and Senocot.) They can actually be dangerous. Not only do they put you at risk for dehydration, they can harm your natural bacteria or even damage the lining of your intestines, and it can take YEARS to recover from that.

Posts: 2,244
4/27/13 10:45 A

The only "detoxification" that I have done is a simple "STOP EATING FAST FOOD."

But I didn't try and mend my unhealthy ways by going through any sort of "cleansing" ritual of shakes or teas or fasting. It is my opinion that virtually all of the commercially-promoted "detoxes" are gimmicky at best and at worst, money-grabbing scams.

Instead, I cut the grease and salt in one grand cold-turkey gesture, and replaced these with fresh fruit and vegetables, home-cooked meals, moderate portions. The effect on how I felt was almost immediate - and without the "suffering" associated with a typical "detox diet"!

The best detox is simply to overhaul unhealthy eating habits into good eating habits - skip the "ritualistic" step in between, it's not needed. Some people seem to think that taking some "time away from food" will "reset" their appetite or whatever - perhaps for some people a detox can serve as the "marker" of transition. As a species, we humans DO tend to like our "markers of important events!" But for me, I created a different kind of marker - I created a spark account. I look at THAT moment, as "The moment in time where I switched things up and changed my lift."

No green shakes required :)

Posts: 9,430
4/27/13 8:45 A

never tried one

SparkPoints: (146,372)
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Posts: 9,675
4/27/13 8:23 A

Nope. My body works well to remove to maintain itself. Detox programs are really unnecessary and may do harm.

SparkPoints: (107,781)
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Posts: 4,231
4/27/13 7:46 A

I'm not an advocate of them. A well-balanced meal plan is more my style.

Posts: 11,491
4/27/13 7:40 A

but I'm a firm believer that fasting isn't as good as
eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies and plenty of water
and avoid all processed foods and sugar.

when you give the body the nutrient dense foods it needs it will naturally detox itself.

SparkPoints: (1,165)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 7
4/27/13 7:36 A

Does anyone have a good and tested detox program ?

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