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6/14/11 8:48 A

By wrist size, I'm small. Watches and bracelets are way too big on me. BUT, my ankles are very large. So I'm small-framed on top, and large on the bottom!


I'm an example of the rule not applying.

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ILOVEMY2BIRDS Posts: 2,646
6/14/11 6:42 A

The wrist thing is an ok guide but not ultimate rule, My fingers are short so on my wrist "test" I come up as a large frame... trust me I am not... even back in my 20's when I was 110 pounds I was like that around the wrist.

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6/13/11 10:59 P

I have always heard the same thing about measuring your wrist with your thumb and index finger. Even when i was at my tiniest, my thumb and index finger could never touch...i am definitely a large frame. and at my tiniest, I weighed 120 lbs and was a size 4...but i was honestly too skinny. my collar bone and hip bones jutted out and my face was very sunken...just very unhealthy.

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6/13/11 10:54 P

I'm a medium frame and I know I can never be really small.

I have been medium sized nearly all of my life.

I probably can't have a 24 inch waist but I'm trying to go down to 26 inches at least.

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6/13/11 6:43 P

@ HEALTHY14REAL: I've heard that too and seen it all over the Web. Thank you for your comment. I just found out I have a doctors appt tomorrow instead of when I thought it was so hopefully my doctor will know tomorrow when I ask.

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6/13/11 6:32 P

I don't remember where I got this but use your index finger and thumb around the prominent wrist bone. If your fingers overlap, you're small; if they just touch, you're medium; and if they don't touch, you're large. I am large framed according to this and my doctor and have trouble finding watches and bracelets that are big enough. I can't stand anything tight and most "regular" bracelets are just too tight on me.

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6/13/11 5:46 P

@ MOM2ACAT: I love the screen name. I wish I had a small frame but it seems from what I can tell online that I am either a medium or large frame... I have another month til my next doctors appt so I might just have to exercise patience and ask her then.

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6/13/11 5:40 P

I've never measured my wrist, but I do know my frame size is small. No matter what weight I have been, my wrists have always been skinny. I can't wear most bracelets because they are way too big on me. I try to look for child size ones that don't look too kiddish, but they are hard to find.

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6/13/11 5:13 P

How should I accurately measure my wrist? Is there an area on the wrist that is the best to start a tape measure?

Anyone know any sites that provide an accurate result to the healthy weight range someone can follow? I am trying to figure out what a realistic goal should be for me in the end. :)

And for fun... Do you know your frame size? Post it here if you want! :)

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