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8/12/14 7:28 A

Welcome and best wishes!

If you can't love yourself, how are ya gonna love somebody else? - RuPaul

Take action, and inspiration will follow - Gilad

Change without losing yourself and you can accomplish anything. - Tim Gunn

Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars - Casey Kasem (RIP :( )
JWHITMAN75 Posts: 137
8/11/14 4:02 P

Welcome! You can do this! Add friends, read their blogs, be active on the boards and you will find it so much easier to stay motivated!

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8/10/14 10:27 P

Welcome to SparkPeople! You'll find lots of support, information and inspiration here. All the best on achieving your goals!


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8/10/14 3:49 P

emoticon emoticon

Peggy (Colorado)

Please check out the teams I am on: DO IT FOR LOVE! (co-leader), (New team) HAVING FUN WHILE REACHING YOUR GOALS!! (Leader), Isagenix users, Make Life Happen! & The SONflowers.

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8/10/14 1:54 P

Thanks for your support MOM2ACAT :) It's nice to hear from someone who had successfully lost weight and has maintained the loss as well.

Anything is possible, It's your choice whether or not you choose to make IT happen."
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8/10/14 1:36 P

Welcome to Spark!
You've come to the right place! I joined 8 years ago, and Spark has been the only way that has worked for me; having the support on my teams and from my Sparkfriends has made all the difference. Even though I am at my goal weight, I still need help maintaining that; that and all the friends I've made here is why I have stuck with it all this time.

My name is Shari; I have been a Sparker since July 2006, I am now in hospice care for metastatic breast cancer, but I'm not letting cancer stop me from Sparking!

Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

A. A. Milne

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8/10/14 12:45 P

So I have had a steady weight gain after meeting my husband, then getting married, and having two kids, this weight gain as resulted in about 90lbs in 11 yrs. I have yo-yo'd throughout this time. Well a year after giving birth to my last daughter I was shocked to weigh myself at 221. I swore I'd never let myself get over 200lbs. So I really hope I'm fed up enough to make some REAL lifestyle changes... permanent ones.

Anything is possible, It's your choice whether or not you choose to make IT happen."
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