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11/19/11 3:07 P

I have been all over the Caribbean and Aruba is my favorite island. I have been there over 25 times and have never had a problem. Aruba has the most beautiful beaches. Barbados is my second choice for safety. Bahamas beaches were nice but I found restauarants very pricey. Cuba has nice beaches but the food is notoriously horrible. Curacao is much like Aruba but not nearly as developed. St. Martin is ok.

I went to the Domincan Republic and I was super careful and still got very sick. I somehow picked up an intenstinal parasite. the country itself is very poor and safety standards are not up to par with the US.

Mexico is not as safe as it used to be. When the hotel staff are frisked on their way out from work it is for a reason. I witnessed this in a 5-star hotel in Cancun. Do not stay at a timeshare property as the salepeople can be extremely annoying.

LOVES2RUN08 Posts: 551
11/19/11 1:41 P

Thanks for all the great suggestions!! For those of you who suggested a cruise; what cruise line would you recommend? And any particular port of call you liked best?


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11/19/11 8:24 A

I'd say cruise to the Carribean. There's lots for the kids to do on board and on the islands there is snorkeling and kayaking. Have fun.

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11/19/11 4:59 A

I like the cruise idea. That way it gives each person flexibility of what they want to do on a day to day basis. So lets say some family member does not like to swim they could go watch a show but then you all could meet for lunch. Also for kids they have activities plus there will be others that could meet too.
Is this a surprise to your mom? If not I would ask her what she would like

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11/18/11 10:41 P

Mexican all enclusive are great. Lots of activities & food. No extra charge

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11/18/11 9:16 P

my destination vacation would be anywhere my girl sara is

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11/18/11 9:12 P


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11/18/11 7:16 P

I have heard that Punta Cana is a nice destination.

Since those girls went missing in Aruba, I would never go there

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11/18/11 6:18 P

I've done beach holidays in Mexico (Bucerias and Sayulita, both near Puerto Vallarta), Honduras (West End, on the island of Roatan), Spain's Costa del Sol, the Amalfi Coast in Italy (Ischia, Sorrento and Amalfi), Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt, Romania's Black Sea Coast and the Turkish Riviera (the coast from Fethiye to Antalya).

Of the places I've been I would recommend Sharm el Sheikh... tourist resorts are usually pretty safe despite political unrest in the capitals, the snorkeling and diving are great, and there are lots of cool day trips that any hotel or resort can organize for you. If you really want warm weather you should probably consider somewhere like Australia, Dubai or Thailand. The latter two in particular would have lots of interesting cultural activities to keep your family interested, in addition to good beach weather.

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11/18/11 4:27 P

Let's see - going to San Antonio in February and Key West in March :)

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11/18/11 4:06 P

Cruising! All the way for us. AND there are kids activities and groups and special areas just for them. If you want sun and RELAXATION - that's my vote.

Truly - whatever you decide - tropical in Feb is a fabulous idea.

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11/18/11 3:58 P

cruises are really nice

LOVES2RUN08 Posts: 551
11/18/11 3:55 P

Hi All, I could use some insight! Im trying to help plan a tropical vacation for my mom's 50th birthday in Feb. I know she wants tropical and WARM but we are having a hard time narrowing down the endless possibilites. We have been looking all over the place from Mexico to the Carribean to cruises etc.

What kind of tropical vacations have you been on? Any stellar recommendations and WHY? We also have a couple boys in the family that will need some entertainment. (other than laying around on the beach all day!) Thanks!!


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