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4/15/12 1:43 P

thank you soo much everyone:)
sorry about the link...thanks AILEBBELIA, :)

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4/15/12 11:36 A

Most days I eat sugar-free jelly (jello)

For 20 calories you can have pudding at two meals a day with no guilt!

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4/15/12 11:02 A

Of course it is! I believe firmly in "deny nothing." If I want something, I have it... in reasonable portions, within my calorie range. I don't fall to massive cravings because I don't get in a fight with myself over it. I indulge! I just do so responsibly.

As long as you're not sacrificing your healthy eating habits to allow yourself an occasional treat, it's fine.

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4/15/12 11:00 A

just about

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4/15/12 10:33 A

for future reference, right at the top of the box where you can type in posts and comments is the add a link button. if you use this instead of just pasting into the text box it makes it much easier for people to get to what you want them to see.

as far as dessert everyday goes, it depends on where you are. if you're in the lowest ranges [1200-1550] and you're eating those first 1200 cals in a balanced manner, you have room for a few hundred discretionary calories. the higher your ranges are, the better the chances that you're fulfilling the rest of your nutritional needs and the more calories you have as discretionary.

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4/15/12 10:33 A

I put it on link for you:

I think around 100 calories is totally fine for dessert. It sounds so yummy! emoticon

4/15/12 10:19 A

I found this awesome recipe here,
now the Q is?
Is it ok to fit in a dessert everyday?

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