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Dessert Tea

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3/18/13 6:55 P

I adore teas, and these look amazing! Thank you for your question since it introduced me to something new!

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3/18/13 6:18 P

I'm hooked on Davidtea.. especially the chocolate orange which have actual small chocolate chips and orange peel. Just enough to give it the flavour, which I'm assuming is the same that you're mentioning. This is definitely better than artificial sweeteners and the sugar content would probably not even be 1g considering I see the chocolate still there after I'm done.

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3/18/13 4:28 P

Exciting! I got the Cococaramel Sea Salt tea from teavana - will try it tomorrow! And thanks for the heads up on the David's site - I think I bought enough tea from Teavana to last me for quite a while, and I will try there next.

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3/18/13 4:16 P

Oh incidentally? "Salted Caramel" flavoured tea? Is REALLY GOOD. :) Soooo worth the 5-ish calories (or a bit more, with a spash of milk, perhaps).

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3/18/13 4:14 P

While some teas do use "natural or artificial flavouring", many simply take advantage of "sweet spices" (cinnamon, licorice, mint), and some may use a tiny bit of sugar blended in with the tea leaves (I am drinking a "chocolate chili chai" today, for example, that has teeeeeeeeenytiny little chocolate chips mixed in).

I have bought tea from Teavana and also Davids... on the Davids site, their FAQ regarding calorie content states this:

"With all the fun sprinkles, candies and caramel bits that find their way into some of our teas, some sceptics wonder whether these blends are still a healthy beverage choice. The truth is that we routinely test the blends that contain sugary ingredients for their sugar and caloric content. So far, the caloric content in the liquor of these teas is below the limit that must be declared on food labels. They are not all at zero, but none are more than 5 calories per cup of tea.

And what about public enemy number one sugar? Not to worry, our teas have all tested below 1 g of sugar per cup of tea (according to our steeping instructions)."

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3/18/13 3:38 P

A food or beverage can be labeled calorie free if it has 5 calories or less per serving.
So the tea may have a few calories. I imagine it is sweetened with artificial sweeteners.

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Becky

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Posts: 204
3/18/13 2:03 P

Hello! I love hot beverages - am really into coffee and sometimes hot chocolate. Even in the summer time. I am thinking about trying to replace this with dessert teas. Teavana has a few yummy looking options: CocoCaramel Sea Salt tea, Toasted Nut Brulee - are these really no calorie? I'm trying to figure out what the cons are, they just look too good to be true! is there anything I need to be concerned about?

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