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Desperate...GAINING weight on The Plan-Lyn Recitas

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6/21/13 6:13 P

I just drank 2 diet cokes and ate 1 serving of French fries with a huge cheese burger and 1 small blizzard ice cream.

If I were to weigh myself right now, I can pretty much guarantee that the number on the scale is higher than it was this morning.

I've been in therapy for a long time so I know now that just because the number on the scale is temporary higher -it is not real weight gain.

I firmly believe that this "author" is promoting disordered eating (not saying eating disorder) patterns and thoughts.....

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6/21/13 6:02 P

Strangely enough, I'm on the Plan. I stopped eating zucchini and carrots the past few days and have continued weight loss. I think that maybe some of the foods that are on the detox are bad for me. Try cutting out the chickpeas and then some of the other foods and see what happens.

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6/20/13 9:59 A

"The Plan" is essentially hokum.

That said, you can't judge ANY weight control plan on the basis of a number of days. Progress in weight loss has to be measured over the course of weeks and months. The fluctuations you see if you weigh yourself every day are due to water, not fat.

I don't know what the point is of measuring your temperature, but again, day-to-day changes would be FAR more influenced by the weather, the amount of time you spent in air conditioning, and what you wore that day than by any change in your health or metabolism.

The changes you want to see just can't be measured in the amount of time you're allowing. It's like trying to measure the growth of a tree with a measuring stick marked in meters. The change in a day is too small to see with the tools you have.

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6/20/13 9:52 A

Mr. Frogman,

Thank you so much for your nice reply. It was quite thoughtful. I have actually dropped quite a bit of weight over the last few years, and I have been eating very clean-healthy which has become a way of life. The only thing I have a bloated stomach every once in awhile which has led me to believe that I have some food sensitivities thus reading The Plan by Lyn Genet Recitas.

The thing is due to all the sacrifices I have made to follow The Plan it is actually backfiring for me, which obviously is making me incredibly frustrated. The worst is I am gaining weight by doing it. At least if I am going to gain weight, I should be because I am eating all the wrong things and too much of them! This is impossible on The Plan since you eat really, really healthy.

For the time invested, and the week potentially lost...I would just like to get some type of an answer as to what theyor someone think is wrong. More than anything, for peace of mind. Afterwards, I can carry on with my normal healthy eating and lifesyle and without a doubt FINALLY burn all this frustration by running and spinning!!

Thank you kindly for your input...congrats on all your efforts. It sounds like you are on the right track. From my personal experience, the fitbit is an excellent gadget to get you on the weight losing path.

Ill let you know if I get a response.


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6/20/13 9:37 A

Again, unfamiliar with that particular system, but it does look cumbersome.
I hope you get some good direction, soon.

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6/20/13 9:17 A

I know nothing of 'The Plan', but in looking at your message I am noticing just how complicated and hard it sounds. You sound very desperate. I am guessing that you have tried other things before going this route. Also, six days might be too soon to decide if it is working or not. What have you tried?

In my experience, people with successful long-term weight loss find ways of eating and moving that are either immediately easy for them or become easy over time. If it is hard or you feel deprived, you will stray and stop the program. Maybe you could try something more basic?

This is one of the reasons that I went the low-carb route. For me, once I got past the initial adjustments to living without pasta, bread, potatoes and rice, it just felt like I had found something easy to do. Others can say the same thing about SparkPeople's moderation approach. While it can be challenging to shed old habits, it isn't supposed to be hard.

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6/20/13 8:32 A

Please see the following email I sent off to the email given on the Lyn Recitass website.
I appreciate ANY feedback as I am extremely doubtful anyone will respond to my email.
Unfortunately, I am actually gaining weight on the plan and I have no idea as to why???

Lyn or To Whom It May Concern:

I am desperate for some feedback as I am now on Day 6 with basically ZERO results. I have been following the Thyroid and Pescatarian menus without any success or even my weight budging! I eat everything normally, but NO meat-this is the only thing I dont eat.

I have been measuring my temperature everyday, taking my supplements, water (half my body weight before 7:30 PM), etc. My temperature has barely changed, but I understand since I have hypothyroidism it will take time.
*****However, to my greatest disbelief, I have had NO weight loss despite being religious on following the menu plans (with the exception that Kale is no where to be found in Spain-so I substituted curly cabbage or savoy cabbage)! I have also avoided exercise for this almost entire week which has been a HUGE sacrifice!
I am completely on the verge of tossing the towel and stopping.(((((((
The reason why I started The Plan was to try and resolve my bloating issue, much like you when you ate an egg. Could it be possible that I am reactive to everything in the first 6 days?? Could it be the broccoli, goat cheese, chickpeas, and the sub. for the kale of cabbage????
Totally confused...

Can you please help??? I am writing to you from Spain and I am beyond frustration at this point.

To facilitate your response here are my current journal entries.
I have converted the kilos to pounds and Fahrenheit to Celsius so it is easier
to understand my journal entries in the below email:

Day 1 (130.68 pounds) 59.4 kilos (95.9F) 35.5C temp
Day 2 (130.24 pounds) 59.2 kilos (96.8F) 36C temp
Day 2 (130.24 pounds) 59.2 kilos (95.36F) 35.2C temp
Day 3 (130.46 pounds) 59.3 kilos (96.62F) 35.9C temp
Day 4 (131.78 pounds) 59.9 kilos (95.9F) 35.5C temp
Day 5 (132.00 pounds ) 60.0 kilos (96.44F) 35.8C temp

I have actually gained weight!!!

Anxiously awaiting your response or a response.

Forever frustrated.

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