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1/22/14 6:11 P

In addition to the desk workout video, can you go for a walk or climb some stairs during meal breaks? This helps build your overall activity level.


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1/22/14 5:09 P

when I worked at a full time office job, I did windmills, toe touches, wall pushups, arm circles and also used small dumbbells for various exercises.

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1/22/14 3:51 P

I too have a desk job. I set my phone every 30 min,so I get up and move around. I will get in some squats, jump rope. I have a light pair of dumbbells. Any kind of exercise is better than NO exercise. March in place, there are lots to do. Good Luck..

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1/22/14 1:43 P

I use this video at work and I like it alot. I find that it revives me in the afternoon when I am starting to get a little sleepy and getting through the homestretch of the work day.

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1/22/14 10:58 A

Coach Nicole's desk workout might be one option for you:

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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1/22/14 10:14 A

I work a 40 hour a week boring security desk job. I was wondering how others stay active throughout their work day. I can't leave my office, but feel like sitting in my chair all day is totally holding me back from meeting my weight loss and steps per day goals. Any tips would be appreciated.

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