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3/9/14 7:17 P

Bicep curls, tricep extensions 15-20 each
lateral arm raises 15 each arm & squats
front arm raises/squats
Lunges and bicep curls 15 for each side
pushups 2 sets of 20
lateral leg raises using resistance band 2-20
front leg raises using resistance bands 2-20
abdomal crunches 2 sets of 20

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3/9/14 6:57 P

You could also check out HASfit,com. I know you don't want to use internet while working out, but you could take notes on one of those workouts and do it anywhere. There's usually a list of what's in the workout in the notes before the video. Many are 15 min or less and use dumb bells,

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3/8/14 4:54 P

Totally agree with Jen's recommended workout. Muscles generally come in opposing pairs (eg. biceps bend the elbow, triceps straighten it) so two compound exercises per ground are generally necessary. Planks are the exceptions, as it involves most of the muscles in the core bracing themselves against each other to create a 'bridge' of your body.


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3/8/14 4:13 P

I can give you a short 2.5 minute to 5 minute ST routine that you can do as part of your 15 minutes. And it does incorporate two, best bang for your buck, moves.

pushups and plank

start in a modified (or full) plank position. Hold the plank for 30 seconds. When that is done. Immediately do 5 pushups. when you're done with the pushups, go straight to plank. do 30 seconds of plank. when that is done. do another five pushups. You alternate plank and pushups until you've done 25 good push ups.

If you think you're in pretty good shape, you do one minute of plank followed by 10 pushups. You alternate (without pausing) for 50 push ups. That's pretty advanced and even tires me out. I usually do the 25 push up/plank version.

Also, if you go to YOUTUBE, there are tons of different workouts posted. Watch a few and see which routines best suit your needs.

I would include moves such as push ups, plank, deadlifts, rows, squats and lunges.

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3/8/14 2:31 P


I just started a new fitness program that features 15 minute workouts so sounds like it would be perfect for you! It's a mix of cardio and full body exercises. Free for anyone to anyone to sign up!

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3/8/14 1:23 P

A simple all-body routine could include the following exercises:

Squats/lunges and deadlifts for lower body
Planks for core
Pushups and rows for upper body

That would target your major muscle groups in 15 minutes (or less).

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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3/8/14 7:45 A


I'm looking to change things up a bit and want a quick ST routine to follow.
Would like your suggestions on specific ST moves to incorporate.

Here are my guidelines...

1) The ST routine has to be 15 min or less.
2) I don't want to follow a DVD or need internet access.
3) The whole 15 min ST routine must incorporate all major muscle groups.
4) I have 10, 12, 15, 20 and 25 pound dumbbells to use.

So the challenge here is, which ST compound moves will give me the most bang for the buck?
The ideal would be, a few quality moves I can repeat in a circuit for the 15 min.

If you could, when you give your suggestions please include the reasoning behind it (like what muscle groups it's working etc.)

Thanks for any advice it's greatly appreciated.

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