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Dept. Store Dressing Rooms: ick!

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6/2/13 7:53 A

Well after reading all these responses, I am not upset that we don't have Kohl's here in Canada....sounds disgusting.

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6/2/13 7:51 A

I prefer to take clothes home, try on and then return them! People can be so inconsiderate! My Mom taught me to do unto others!

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6/2/13 12:41 A

In addition to how messy the rooms are, I personally hate how the lighting makes me look! I always feel like I look like a cow! Just hate it!!!

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6/1/13 6:54 P

I have been in untidy dressing rooms where countless outfits where left in them. I don't like that but I manage to try my things on and get out. If I ever saw dirty diapers, feminine products or urination I'd complain to the store and threaten to NEVER shop there again! Any of these things would be disgusting not to mention unsanitary!

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6/1/13 6:26 P

Come now.

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6/1/13 5:22 P

I think it has gotten a lot worse in the last few years. I've blamed it on the economy causing the stores to hire fewer people to help customers and fewer people to clean the dressing rooms. It certainly does put a damper on the whole shopping experience.

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6/1/13 1:15 P

I don't try on clothes in the store. I stopped when I was nursing my son and he'd see me get undressed to try on clothes and want to nurse. Granted, that was 26 years ago, but I still don't try on clothes in the store.

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6/1/13 11:51 A

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5/29/13 12:42 A

The local clerk had a local business woman come in & tried clothes on & when she left the next customer went in & the customer came right back out because the woman from before ( the business woman) peed on the carpet!!!!

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5/28/13 11:59 P

I just got back from Target and Kohl spending time in dressing rooms helping my daughter find a graduation dress. Both places had clean rooms, my gripe is Target's dressing room is hot ALWAYS! Kohls seemed fine. I like that you can just walk in and out of the Kohls dressing rooms without getting a number etc. I bet they have messes to clean at times.

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5/28/13 8:55 P

I worked retail in HS (back in the 70s) and it was common to find dirty diapers in the changing rooms. The most disgusting thing I found though was a used tampon. I mean REALLY???? We had restrooms available for the customers to use. Some people are just nasty!

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5/28/13 7:42 P

I hate dressing rooms!!!!

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5/28/13 7:29 P

I agree emoticon

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5/28/13 7:20 P

Oh I have been to Kohls and their fitting rooms are terrible. I always feel nervous because I am used to stores where they count stuff going in and out. Their sales and kohls cash is really good though.

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5/28/13 5:07 P

WOW! I was TOTALLY talking about Kohls...SPECIFICALLY!!!!!

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5/28/13 5:04 P

Yeah, what is it with Kohl's not having any employees? The last time I went there, I couldn't find a cashier, much less anyone else! Twelve or 15 checkstands, every one of them empty. I finally went back to the customer service desk and hollered until someone came out of a back office. She apologized and took 15% off the purchase-- which was nice until you consider that I easily could have walked out with the stuff and had a 100% discount.......

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5/28/13 2:59 P

The changing rooms are why I don't like shopping at certain stores (I'm looking at you, Kohl's). I've been in some that are so full of clothes that you can't even hang up what you're trying on. I always try to hang my stuff up and bring them back out, but sometimes the returns rack is full too.

I loooove shopping at Nordstrom, they always have lovely clean dressing rooms.

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5/28/13 1:52 P

When I worked at a retail clothing store, we counted the garments going in and counted them when they came back out. I would say 99% of the people brought them back out on the hanger. Only one person left the clothes in the dressing room and then when I politely asked them to bring them back out on the hanger, threw them at me and to me to "F'n count that" "Im not no F'n retail clerk" "I gots my educatin hang them back up your F'n self"

Judging by their improper English I assume their educatin was clown college. No offense intended to any clowns.

Oh and my sister worked at Walmart. Someone went into the fitting room. Took a white t-shirt. Dropped a twosie and used the white t-shirt to wipe their backside. I am not kidding.

This is why when I go to retail stores and restaurants I am always super nice to the associates. I know it is their job and that is what they were hired to do, but a little kindness and please and thank you go a long way.

Posts: 245
5/28/13 1:29 P

When I worked in retail - the clothes on the floor were something we dealt with all the time. I preferred those over the dirty diapers/underwear shoved under the chairs or behind mirrors, spilled drinks, candy wrappers and other trash left behind.


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5/28/13 11:10 A

I will buy it, then take it home to try on but mostly I shop online!

Posts: 11,619
5/28/13 10:42 A

I remember going into a community dressing room and walking right back out.
I also totally avoid dressing rooms with saloon type swinging doors that open top and bottom (a peeping Tom's delight) ... no thanks.

Posts: 2,074
5/28/13 10:35 A

The better stores have a clerk who unlocks the dressing room for you and helps you out with getting another size garment if needed. These rooms are usually clean, private and inviting. Big box stores usually have somewhat messy dressing rooms, but in my experience, bigger cities with more shoppers have messier dressing rooms. What I don't like is when customers leave straight pins everywhere, and they fall on the floor. When we need to take off our shoes to try on a pair of pants, gotta take extra care to watch where we are stepping. I have had the experience of sticking myself with them. Just another frustrating thing about some people -- I guess their homes probably reflect how they act in public.

Posts: 2,292
5/28/13 10:16 A

What I actually thought this thread was going to be about, though, was how so many places put no attention at all into making the dressing room a place where you can try on clothes and LOOK GOOD. Some are so small, or shadowy-dark, or washed in bluish fluroescent lighting. Many (most) have only one mirror, so you have to come out into the public area to see how something looks from the back.

I don't know... I'd think that people would be more inclined to purchase, if they could try something on and FEEL GOOD AND LOOK NICE. So you'd think it would be a no-brainer to design attractive dressing rooms that would be conducive to looking-nice. But it seems that's an investment that a lot of places are absolutely unwilling to make.

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5/28/13 10:15 A

I too take my clothes home to try them on. Usually they fit.

Posts: 2,292
5/28/13 10:11 A

Wow, I've not had any "bad dressing room" experience in a very long time.... Maybe because I shop almost exclusively at Laura, and they have *very attentive staff*. The staff approach you while you're still browsing and "start a room for you". Then during the trying-on-clothes process, they pop by at intervals to "check if you need any different sizes or colour?" and "can I take away anything that's a definite no?"

The result is, by the time I'm done shopping, the clerk has already removed 3/4 of the stuff from the dressing room; stuff that never had a chance to lay crumpled on the floor.

But that is pretty labour intensive. I suppose a lot of shops can't afford to maintain that much of a sales force on the floor. And when people think nobody's watching... or more to the point, that nobody CARES.....

Posts: 705
5/28/13 10:03 A

Certain stores in upscale malls are horrific -- and it is gender and race-based.

Edited by: LUV2SURFCHIC at: 5/28/2013 (10:04)

Posts: 12,375
5/28/13 9:49 A

Sometimes it seems the fancier the store, the messier the dressing room, for the exact reason that fancier ones don't count items in and out.

Messier, not dirtier, though. When I read the title, I thought it was going to be about how disgusting dirty some are. I'm not a neat freak; clothes left in there don't bother me all that much (although you do wonder how hard it is to put something back on a hanger and carry it two feet to the returns rack.) But I've been in places where the carpet obviously hasn't been cleaned since the building was constructed.

The worst was a mid-range department store in a city I'm not going to name. They were in a strip mall that didn't have public restrooms, and they had decided that they didn't want to keep up customer restrooms in the store itself, either. They locked them and wouldn't open them even on request.

So some people with desperate kids took them into the dressing rooms and let them go. And the store never cleaned it up.

The first time I shopped there, I assumed they'd had a sewage backup or something. I went back a year or so later and realized what had actually happened, and of course never shopped there after that. What's weird is that the store stayed open another year beyond that before it went out of business. The building had to be demolished; no other tenant would ever rent it.

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5/28/13 9:07 A

I usually take the clothes home to try on - then return them if they don't

Posts: 4,848
5/28/13 8:50 A

I worked at a dept store in my early 20s so um... a good many years ago LOL! and the dressing rooms were a disaster in the juniors section. The others (womens and mens) were usually pretty much okay. Teenage girls though, man... stuff EVERYWHERE... you could go in and find 15 bras strewn all over the floor....

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5/28/13 7:31 A

I've never shopped anywhere that you don't bring the clothes back out to the sales person. I thought all clothing stores followed that protocol to prevent theft.

Posts: 15,787
5/28/13 5:47 A

My gf has a part time job at a national chain department store, she gets switched from women's to men's dept. a lot and often times that means she has to clean up the dressing room.

She said men are way worse than women when it comes to the dressing room, she said that even though there are always more clothes left in the women's dressing room at least they are not on the floor unhung, she said the men's dressing room most of the time the clothes are not only NOT put back on hangers but that they are left on the floor and sometimes look like they've been trampled on.

Personally, I hang my clothes on hangers; at home and elsewhere.

What are your experiences?

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