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1/29/14 8:23 A

Thank You!

I cant wait until I am confident enough to show a picture of what I look like now.
1/29/14 8:22 A

Thank you so much! Your advice is powerful. I am looking forward to small changes that can make big changes. Thank you!

I cant wait until I am confident enough to show a picture of what I look like now.
1/29/14 6:44 A

start with small achievements as you said having a shower doing the dishes.

I have depression too, and its so hard to get out of the rut you're in at times because its your comfort zone. I'd sit on the couch all day and flick through the net, sometimes play with the kids. I'd feel tired a lot of the time. I don't sleep well and or get broken sleep from the kids waking during the night. But I'm slowly changing this rut. I did a workout only 10mins but I felt some accomplishment for doing just that. 10mins nor here nor there and I actually continued and did another one. I felt good after that and my mood lifted.

While I still have a restless night and feel tired in the mornings I do try to go for a walk when Hubby is not away for work.

I set small goals now each day. When I feel good I do some more things. I also try to allow for me time. Do something I like doing whether it be watch a movie, knitting, reading, drawing or scrapbooking. Anything like that. Sometimes I find gardening therapeutic especially when I get something for the plant nursery / garden centre and establish some plants around the yard. I love designing yards. Journal about your mood / how your day was.Write down things you'd like to do.

These are some ideas that I do. I'm feeling better than I was and I think its because to the little accomplishments I set.


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KELLIEBEAN Posts: 3,478
1/26/14 2:36 P

Congratulations on your accomplishments today! I agree, you should see a professional.

There are Spark teams that deal with depression so you can talk to people that may face the same issues that you do:

Keep setting those small goals!


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1/26/14 1:55 P

Thank you. I started today with a shower, then I got dressed and did dishes. A big deal for me. THANK YOU!

I cant wait until I am confident enough to show a picture of what I look like now.
ANNIEV Posts: 604
1/26/14 1:50 P

I think you might need to speak to a professional for help on the long haul but for today, try setting one goal that includes moving - like at 3pm I will go for a 15 minute walk. Then set another goal. Anything that requires you to get out of bed.

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1/26/14 12:03 P

I am having a hard time crawling out of depression. I seem to sleep most of the day. Any advice?

I cant wait until I am confident enough to show a picture of what I look like now.
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