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5/8/13 10:02 A

You can break plateau with several days of fewer carbohydrates and more protein and moving every 20 minutes.

Check the sodium and sugar content in your food you might be surprised to learn you added more of those into your diet than you realize, or you might be on carb overload....

Just having 3 ounces of protein at every meal will help stimulate fat burn

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5/7/13 11:08 P

I can understand how you feel, but just remember, even if you weren't to lose any more weight, you have already done a huge amount of benefit for your overall health. Odds are it tells in your energy, your blood results, your BP, the condition of your hair/skin, your quality of sleep ... and the list goes on!

I understand the frustrations about clothing sizes, too! A lot of bigger people have such a struggle to get clothes that
a) FIT, and
UNLESS you have mega $$$$

My Dr advised to to not lose any more weight when I was a couple kg heavier than now. I'm not losing now - I'm in maintenance, and have been for over 2 years. I am still in the borderline overweight category, but that is merely a guide. I am quite happy now that I can walk in and buy clothes off the rack, having gone from a NZ size 20-22 to a 12-14 top and 14-16 bottom. Ii had been overweight for over 30 years - it is frustrating, and at time we have to put up with some very cruel jibes. One that stuck in my craw was a few years ago prior to any weight-loss, an acquaintance told me that he objected to the amount of space that I took up and and hated having to breathe the same air - I was so fat. He told me he wanted me dead I was so offensive to look at. I was stunned, but didn't let it hurt me - he had problems that were not of my making. He was also very skinny and could and did eat and drink whatever he wanted. I was obese, yes, but most people didn't have a clue that I weighed as much as I did, and even experienced clothes salespeople thought I wore a size 16 - I carried it well.

I am sure that you will get through the plateau - a lot of people end up in one that can last quite a while, but if you keep on plugging on, and changing up a bit what you are doing, then yours may end sooner than you think :-)

Take care,
Kris xx

TAMEISHA1 Posts: 15
5/7/13 6:57 P

Thanks everyone for your support and comments, I was really feeling depressed when I woke up and realized I was two pounds heavier than the day before even though I had been very strict with my diet and I exercised. It seems the stricter I am it seems to back fire on me sometimes.

To answer some of the questions posed, I have been on this plateau for like 2 months now or so, I lose a pound or two and then it reappears I can't seem to get in the fat loss zone as I call it and stay there.

I have been doing the same diet: fruit, veggies, fish, chicken and very little to no flour or sugar with a minimum of 2 litres of water per day along with cardio at least five days a week and it worked great!! until now, as one member said my body might have gotten accustomed to the diet, thus far though this is the only diet that EVER worked for me so I am hesitant to change it. Don't want to mess up a good thing.

I will try to add weight training to the mix and see how that works for me.

When I said everyone else around me was skinny I wasn't pulling down myself just stating a fact. I work with people whom at least 80% of them are a size 4 or under. Very petite individuals with little to no body fat whilst I am a thick size 12. I used to be a size 24. Being around such persons all the time can be frustrating for me at times especially when they call themselves fat....they have no idea what its like to go in a store and have none of the clothes you try on fit you. Yet they tell me I'm not fat. They "pig out" at work functions and gain nothing whilst I just breath in the food there and gain 5 pounds.

I happen to hide my weight "well" as in a persons can never guess my real weight by looking at me, they always assume I am 20-30 pounds lighter than I really am. I did go to my doctor for a regular check up during my weight loss and he advised me that whilst I don't "look" fat I should still try to get to around 150 pounds and see if that weight agrees with me.

Even though the various charts state I should weigh 135 for my height, due to my body structure my doctor advised against that.

Once again thanks for your comments, I'm in a better frame of mind now, I will try the suggestions I received, I'm just praying I get over this plateau as its really irritating me, I am anxiously awaiting my new healthy weight. I want to have reached there like last week.

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5/7/13 5:23 A


How long have you been on this plateau ? If it's only been a couple of weeks, I wouldn't worry. Even if it's been a few weeks, that still doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. This isn't the Biggest Loser where the weight keeps coming off week after week. At some point, you will hit a plateau and that's perfectly normal.

What to do ? If you've been eating the same foods day after day after day, it's time to change your menu. If you've been doing the same workout day after day after day, it's time to change that too. The human body thrives on challenge. So, if you're stuck in a rut, then it's time to give your body a new challenge.

What have you been doing for exercise ? Have you been doing any sort of strength training ? If you want to change your body, you not only have to eat right, you have to add lean muscle too and that means strength training. So, if you're not strength training, consider adding one ST workout per week to start. if you're not sure what to do, check out the fitness section, Coach Nicole has a bunch of short strength training workouts you can try at home.

Also, let's put a positive spin on your plateau. Even though you might not have lost weight, you haven't GAINED weight. that does say you are doing something right.

For now, try changing up your menu. Don't cut your calories. You don't need to eat less to lose, but it's possible you may need to eat more. Eating too little can hinder a person's weight loss, not help it. So, do make sure you're eating wholesome foods that nourish your body. Get some strength training and change up your exercise. If you've been doing the same DVD workout, do something different.

Like I said, the human body thrives on change and challenge. And definitely give yourself more credit for already losing 60 pounds. that's fantastic !! I know the journey seems long, but if you're looking for motivation, consider adding INDYGIRL as a friend. read her spark page. at her highest weight, she weighed 460+ pounds. Two years later, she's lost half that weight. If anyone knows how daunting a journey can be, she does.

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5/7/13 2:56 A

And please stop and celebrate how far you've come already!!! It isn't easy to make healthy choices 100% of the time and having setbacks sucks, but it does happen to everyone. Just take a deep breath and start again tomorrow. emoticon

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5/7/13 1:12 A

TAMEISHA1, make the Nutrition Tracker you BFF. Learn it, live it, love it. Do not exceed the bottom line ranges for calories, carbs, fat, and protein. This alone will get you to goal. If you also add consistent, moderate exercise, you will be sculpting your body as you lose the weight. If you do not use the Nutrition Tracker you will fail. Guaranteed. If you use the Nutrition Tracker, you will succeed. If you combine the Nutrition Tracker with moderate exercise, you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Guaranteed. Eyes will pop, jaws will drop, heads will turn. Guaranteed.

Spark On!

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5/6/13 11:16 P

I went to have a peak at your nutrition tracker to see if there was anything going on there, but unfortunately, if you use it, it isn't public.

Here are some thoughts!

* Do you use the Nutrition Tracker
* Do you weigh all of your food and enter it all in
* Are you eating within your calorie range
* What sort of exercise are you doing
* If you exercise and do the same things most of the time, consider changes, as in swimming for walking, and various strength-training exercises.

You must remember, as you have said - these mini binges ARE going to set you back, and that will only compound your emotions.

Below are a couple links that may be helpful with that in mind:

The other thing that worries me is this...... "people are like wow you lost weight and you look great!, when I explain I still have more to go they are like why, you look good where you are!. Yet they are all skinnier than me."

What difference does it make if they are skinnier than you? Do you have an unrealistic goal? Perhaps you are already a healthy weight?

Have you checked in with your Dr to see if there is anything medical going on? If not, it might be helpful to do so!

Good luck,

TAMEISHA1 Posts: 15
5/6/13 10:45 P

I lost 60 pounds and now I'm stuck in a rut and it appears I have stopped losing weight and its so frustrating. The harder I fight to lose the weight it appears as if I'm actually gaining instead. Which I am to some extent, I have regained 4 pounds now and some inches. I am tired of fighting but I don't have much of a choice I need to get healthy like yesterday. I just want to scream and no one seems to understand, people are like wow you lost weight and you look great!, when I explain I still have more to go they are like why, you look good where you are!. Yet they are all skinnier than me.

I still have another 40-50 pounds to lose, my diet isnt working anymore and I keep promising my self to exercise more but its not working out. Now I am becoming depressed and have been going on mini binges on things like caramel popcorn which in turn makes me even more depressed after I have eaten it.

Please help me, I'm scared that I'm going to regain all the weight I have lost and more. I try to be motivated and get back on track but everything seems to be against me right now.

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