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1/28/12 11:31 P

My husband passed away very suddenly last year, I had to perform CPR on him and my 8 year old watched him die. I wake up and want to not get up. I am very thankful that I have to drive my 2 older kids to school, otherwise I might be in a differnt boat. when I get up sometimes, I don;t want to work out. I still bring my gym bag. Some days i even get to the gym and say, I am just going to walk on the treadmill, that is all, and once I am dressed etc, it changes, and I go with it. If I don;t do it, I walk on the treadmill at home. It is something. My motivation for keeping on, is somewhere I know exercising does help. Sometimes we have to do the things we dread most, and eventually they will no longer be dreaded. I want to be an example to my kids. I dont want to die young.

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
1/18/12 1:15 P

There are thousands of people here on spark that can be your acountabilibuddies!!! Pick a few! *kicks your butt* GET MOVING, HONEY! This weight isn't gonna fall off us by itself!!!

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1/16/12 2:16 P

Thanks For you advice!
I really liked your idea about taking walks out side. I think why i don't like working out is because it gets so dull and it just depresses I think something upbeat and bright will help me stay motivated.
I just need somebody to keep me accountable, to ask me how I'm doing with my diet and work out plan. It is soo much easier to talk to someone who you can relate to! :)
Thanks again!

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1/16/12 11:02 A

So many great comments on this post! Im in same boat feeling like i give up on eating and working out because of getting depressed within minutes of waking up each day. Living in a house full of negative people doesnt help but im learning that i am in control of my emotions and i must look to others to help support me i cant do this alone!

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1/15/12 8:14 P

Enjoyed reading your post! It motivated me to get up and get moving! Where are you from?

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1/15/12 8:09 P

I, too, struggle with depression. I know that if I exercise it will help my mood, it's just starting! I try to tell myself that I am going to exercise for 5 minutes and if i still feel like exercising, then I will do more. And usually, always, once I get started then I keep on.

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1/13/12 2:08 P

First off, have you tried speaking with a doctor in regards to the depression? It could be a medical issue causing the anxiety and depression and medication will certainly help get you started in the right direction.

Having said that, I have heard that sometimes exercise and a more positive outlook on life can help you to overcome the depression without the use of medication (I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be one). Motivation can be found in several places:

1.) A good way to stay motivated is to find a 'workout buddy'. Find a friend, be it on here (I'd be more than willing!) or a co-worker, that you can go to on the days when you are really feeling like you need that extra push to get out the door. You could also set up times to meet at a designated spot (gym, park, house, etc.) during the week. Having someone hold you accountable, is a great motivator for making sure you follow through.

2.) Write down your goals. Keep them in a place that you look often (the car, your computer background, and the bathroom mirror for instance). Put up multiple lists if you feel the need, just be sure that it's a place that you will be sure to see every morning. Get creative with your list. Put up pictures with it that motivate you and use color and different font. Make it something fun, whether it's done on the computer or by hand.

3.) Make a work-out schedule and stick to it! The most important part is following through with your goals. If you put your workout down in your planner your more likely to follow through with it. On the days you get home and you just can't seem to find the motivation to follow through, put your work-out clothes and tennis shoes on anyway. Just getting dressed can pump you up and gets your mind focused on exercise.

4.) Make a menu for your new diet. Go to the SparkPeople Health Lifestyle tab and search under recipes for tried and true, user and diet friendly ideas! Be flexible in your menu planning: buy the groceries a week ahead of time so that you can trade menu days when you may not feel like eating the planned dinner. Use the SparkPeople Nutritional Tracker to keep tabs on how you're eating rates against your recommended intake of calories, carbs, fats, and proteins.

5.) Share your new eating and workout habits with friends and express the need for their help in holding you accountable. When you have a good support system, the rest is cake.

Good luck to you on your workout journey! If you ever need a friend or someone to talk to, I am always willing to lend an ear, voice an opinion, motivate... whatever it is you need!

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1/12/12 12:46 P

Try to focus on the things you can do and not think so much on what you cannot.

Staying positive might seem hard to do but it is not. Stop thinking about what is wrong.

Write up a daily to do list and things you need to get organized on.

Go room to room and do a major make over. Get boxes and donate what you know you will never use or haven't found a reason to use.

The kitchen is a major part in the home and it should be tidy and only have the foods and pans ect that you actually will use.

The less you have to dust or store the more time you will have to yourself and have fun. Update the rooms with bright happy colors and bring your place back to life.

Set up dates with old or new friends alone or as a group. Get out there and do something fun and if your friend is working out or would like a partner maybe think about getting together on a regular basis and give each other support.

You know if you walk about 3-6 miles you will see your weight shedding off. If you have a pet this is good for both of you also.

Set up your snacks and your meals ahead of time. Freeze them or put in your rubber maid containers. Then you can grab your snack and meals for the day and put them in a lunch pale and grab your water. Everything is thought and planned out and you can walk away feeling good that you are really trying to make a difference. The more you do it the easier it will get.

I wish you the best and keep your head up stay focused and confident. You are worth it!!!


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1/12/12 12:36 P

Hi Alainie1!

To stay motivated with working out I take the dog for a walk every morning. I find for me personally I rather walk outside than step on my treadmill or ride my bike. I was in the same exact spot as you in mindset and in motivation. So here's the trick go outside and walk in the morning and enjoy the quiet, the sights and the lights. There is nothing like it!

The eating better is challenging when your not feeling better. The nice thing about the meals is that you can substitute the food your just not feeling that day for something else you are feeling. That helps a lot. What turned things around for me was when I was faithful and honest with myself about logging what I was eating and was mortified that I ate 4500 calories in one day. That was my Oh no! moment, I talked about it on the message board and the support and feedback was incredible. After 2 days of being faithful about logging and eating I have lost 2lbs.

YOU CAN DO IT!!! Feel free to send me a message if you need a buddy to talk to so you don't feel like your in this alone. I lost 50 lbs 6 years ago and gained it bag in the last 3 years by losing my motivation. I get comments now about my weight, rude glances at my belly and some people even treat me differently than they did when I was slimer. So I get it totally.

Keep your chin up we will do it together! emoticon

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
1/11/12 12:21 P

I agree that working out is one of THE best anti-depressants. You have to MAKE yourself do it. I'm trying to talk myself into getting on the bike in the next eleven minutes, too. My scale has been moving in the wrong direction inspite of me being 100% more active than I was last year. Very disheartening, but I know that eventually that I will see the fruits of my labor-because I've done this before.

Be like Nike and just do it.
If those feelings of depression last 2 weeks or more, you NEED to talk to your doctor. You may have a chemical imbalance that requires medication. Don't hesitate, okay? Many people battle depression all their lives because of chemical imbalances. You do not have to be one of them.

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1/11/12 11:07 A

First off....just start exercising. Yes, at first you will not feel like doing it, but just do it. Schedule it in every day and DO NOT skip it. Eventually, it will become a habit and you will see results. It WILL make you feel better. Even just a short workout will boost your endorphins and help improve your mood. emoticon

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1/9/12 9:13 P

I can't get motivated! I want to eat better and workout, but all feel like doing is crying.
I don't feel like i can talk to my family or friends about it.
How do I get a better outlook on things and stay motivated?

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