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emoticon to you! It sounds like you are really walking through a tough patch right now, and it's important for you to know you are not alone. Many of us suffer from these feelings of failure and beat ourselves up. It can really easily turn into a downward spiral!
You have very valid health concerns, which can make it a huge challenge to focus on anything else. Here's an idea... Take the time to figure out one small thing you CAN commit to and then stick to it... build from there.
It can even be non food or exercise related. Like write down one thing your are thankful for each day, or drink one glass of water. Make it easy and doable.
Hang in there. emoticon

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I am sorry to hear that your health has given you some cause for worry. Unfortunately it sounds like it has (at least) contributed to Depression. I really think that you should be making an appointment with your Dr and tell him/her how you are feeling and why. If you don't have a Therapist, PLEASE ask that you be referred to one. They will be able to help you deal with the grief, etc. that you are suffering as a result of your health, and other negatives in your life. It may also be that some medication is indicated for your Depression, too!

You may have had a goal to drop 50lb, but the fact you haven't is no reason to be beating yourself up. Sometimes our expectations are a little too high for ourselves. We need to learn to be a little more realistic and to accept that we don't always get what we plan, AND sometimes, also, what we plan isn't the best for us. You mention that your weight HAD been 113lb when you were 20! Well, you aren't 20 now - our body changes over time - and it may have been that 113lb was too low for you, anyway. IF this was the case, then you may be using this possibly unhealthy weight as a bench mark.

I suggest that while you are with your Dr, talk to him/her about your weight issues, too, and possibly ask for a referral to a Registered Dietitian who will be able to take your health issues and medications into account as well.

Good luck,

BTW - ENJOY the cruise with your Mum :-)

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I am so sorry about your diagnosis and how you depressed you are feeling. Have you considered therapy? Getting a medical diagnosis like that can be hard to cope with but having support can really help. Also support forums with people who are going through similar.
I wish I could offer more advice. Maybe can you focus on taking one day at a time and trying to do the best you can? Do you have family and friend support?
I hope you feel better

9/5/13 11:18 P

Hello Everyone,
There is only 20 days left until I meet my family for my mother's 60th cruise and my goal was to drop 50lbs! Well, in all honesty, I have an excuse why I haven't: I found out I had thyroid cancer and that ended up taking priority. Since everything has occurred, I have attempted to get back on track but the combination of hormones and weight gain/loss has really put my mind on a roller coaster ride. Now I just feel hopeless. I feel as though things will never change. Im getting older and thus its even harder to lose. I also feel like my shape will never improve. Even when I was at my thinnest *113lbs (age 20), I had bigger hips and thighs. Those negative thoughts have caused me to continue to neg. self-talk and talk myself right out of doing what I know I should to lose a little, if any weight. Im so depressed and feel worse with each passing day-and fix myself with small pick me ups like chocolate and icecream! UGH!!! I just feel like there is no one that understands and every corner I turn is a dark alley just leading to yet another failure! HELP!!!! I don't know what else to do! :( FEELING DESPERATE, HOPELESS, HELPLESS and A COMPLETE FAILURE!

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