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ANGELI54 Posts: 1
3/4/11 3:37 P

I looked every where and couldn't find it either so I called Dennys headquarters and talked to the nutritionist and she sent me the following.

***Denny's Cheese Burger Flatbread ***

This is for the whole thing !!!

*Calories() - 728.17 *Calories from fat ()-379.97

*Total Fat (g) - 42.34 *Sat. Fat (g)- 16.67

*Trans Fat (g)- 0.29 *Chol (mg)- 66.09

*Carbs (g) - 53.09 *Fiber (g) - 6.20

*Sugars (g)- 8.80 * Prot (g)- 26.18

*Sod (mg)- 1445.26

Thank god I only ate half.... No wonder they don't have these fact's any where online .lol emoticon

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WILDFLOWER2011 Posts: 182
2/15/11 7:45 P

Here are the links to their nutrition facts. The first link is the regular menu and the second is the value menu. Not sure if what you're looking for is on there though.

2/15/11 4:57 P

The nutrition info isn't listed on their site, but I see that is a new item and their nutrition info hasn't been updated since August of last that's probably why.

GGMOM06 Posts: 9,171
2/15/11 4:46 P

emoticon I thought i was getting a simple meal and cheap $2(someone else was paying) but i can't find it anywhere for Nutritional facts. Now i'm guessing i used up a whole days worth of calories,etc. It had very little of everything,burger,cheese,lettuce, tomatoes on a flour tortilla. Anyone know how to find it online? I tried Fast Foods and Denny's wasn't on them, when i googled Denny's i got some kind of warning and nonsense, Thanks

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