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NAILSRUS Posts: 13
12/31/12 5:25 P


HERMIONE1313 Posts: 131
12/14/12 9:27 P

the stereotyped average or the concept of regular

MORRIS0316 Posts: 4
12/13/12 10:52 A

i KNOW, I WOULD NOT LIKE TO BE NORMAL. i would rather be myself

TAYLOVELY Posts: 891
12/12/12 8:11 A

Normal is something I would never want to be. Normal is plan and boring and that is so not my personality.

MORRIS0316 Posts: 4
12/7/12 11:26 A

there is no such thing as normal. Normal is weird and weird is normal!

12/5/12 12:32 P

Normal is a person who loves anything it might just be one thing but they still love

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