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I agree that a dietitian can help you put all the pieces together to maintain health and weight. However, in the mean time we can offer some tips for healthy eating. One of the biggest challenges to eating healthier is finding substitutions for existing foods in your diet. Here are some tips to make the transition easier:

The food group serving information in this DASH diet article can also be helpful in your planning. You might have to adjust daily serving numbers slightly if your calorie range is just below 1600 calories.

Coach Tanya

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6/24/13 2:31 P

Congrats on your recovery. You should see if your doctor can refer you to a registered dietitian who can help you with your nutrition.

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I recently underwent treatment for stage 4 breast cancer. I lost about 85 lbs. before and during my illness. I had problems with my appetite at first and needed to gain some weight. However, once I finished treatment and regained my appetite, the weight came back so fast, it caught me off guard. I gained about 43 lbs., which was more than I wanted or needed to gain. I have cut back, changed my eating habits and am working out 4-5 days a week. I see my Dr. once a month now. Since I tend to obsess over the scale, I only weigh when I go to the Dr.'s office. For 3 months my weight stayed the same, then this month when I went back to the Dr. I had gained 3 lbs. I've increased the intensity of my workouts, but don't feel I'm making much progress. I'm really enjoying my workouts now. My blood pressure is down, I have lots more energy and have lost a few inches, but I need to see the scale move. I'm still in treatment(hormone therapy) and know I have to be careful not to overdo it. I've lowered my calorie intake about 800 calories less per day and am really satisfied with the amount of food intake that I get. One of the possible side effects of the hormone medicine I'm on ( femara ) is weight gain and I know my body may have gone into starvation mode because of the trauma of cancer and weight loss before, but isn't there a way to over come this? Has anyone else had this experience and overcome the problem. My oncologist does not have problem with the weight gain. He says it just shows him how well I am doing and that he only worries when I start losing weight. But I don't want to gain any more and know being overweight is a contributing factor in getting cancer and I want to stay healthy.

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