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8/5/12 7:48 P

I agree with the other posters - it can take some time to adjust to a lower intake level.

However, there are a number of 'tricks' you can do to feel fuller longer, without increasing overall calories.

1. Check that you are within the recommended ranges for each of carbs, fat and protein. Sometimes hunger is a sign the body is seeking a specific nutrient, rather than more total calories.
2. Simple carbs are digested fast (typically less than 30 minutes), leading to a spike and then a trough in blood sugars. Complex carbs release their energy slowly (ie. 2 hours) and fat and protein takes even longer - this slow release energy keeps your blood sugars on a more even keel, and can help avoid feeling hungry.
3. Blood sugars can be low after a workout, and your body can signal it wants refueling through hunger. A pre-planned healthy post-workout snack (as part of your overall calorie budget) within 30 minutes of working out can help refuel your body, and avoid feeling ravenous later.


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8/5/12 7:18 P

In the beginning, when I first had to cut down my portion sizes, I was hungry all of the time. It took awhile for my body to adjust. Eventually you will start feeling comfortable with less food.

All I can suggest is make sure you get in lots of lean protein. Put beans on your salad, an extra egg white in your scrambled eggs, have some Greek yogurt. Then fill up on a salad or broth based soup before you have your dinner. That will help fill you up.

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8/5/12 6:48 P

Yep, not much info to work with. But drinking water constantly and snacking of good snacks throughout the day also help to detour hunger in-between small meals.

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8/5/12 5:49 P

I think you need to give more information about your current stats and the time frame in which you would like to reach the goal weight/body fat percentage as well as that goal weight/BF% etc. to be able to accurately comment on what may be going on in your case.

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8/5/12 5:11 P

What's your height and weight, your suggested calorie range, and how much are you eating each day? What's your weight loss goal per week? How much are you working out, for how long, and how often? What are you doing?

Looking at your trackers, you haven't tracked in a long time. Are you eating enough? If you'll track, we can give you suggestions based on what you're eating. When you're hungry, there's a few things that can cause it:

1) Not eating enough. Setting a too-aggressive goal can put you in a lower calorie range than you need to lose weight.

2) Working out too much. If you haven't updated your fitness goals to reflect your activity, your intake may be inadequate for your activity level.

3) Not eating the right things. Quality matters; what you eat can affect how hungry you are. If I eat a simple-carb heavy meal, I'm hungrier soon than if I make sure to get enough fat and protein to keep me full.

8/5/12 5:06 P

It's normal to feel a little hungry the first few days you reduce your calories. But if it's been longer than that, and you're still hungry all the time, I would suggest you take a look at what you're eating. Are you eating healthy, nutritious balanced meals -- something similar to what the Sparkpeople menu plans suggest, even if you don't actually follow them? Or are you eating a lot of empty calories? Nutritious foods tend to make me feel fuller and help me stay that way for longer.

8/5/12 5:03 P

Hello everyone, I'm new to spark people and just wanted to know if anyone has a hunger is while dieting. Especially when I exercise I'm starving all day. I'm in the calorie range I should be. Any suggestions?

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