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I understand what you are feeling. My step-son in 16 and he lives with his mom, well on paper she is who is lives with, but spends most nights with my in-laws, they live with in walking distance from each other. When he was younger and my husband would want to have him for the weekend she would make up some grand plans they had and would tell us no. Then we would go to my in-laws for dinner and he would be there. WTF. Who knows where she would be wouldn't see her for days. This happened many times. I did say something, did it make things better no, but I wanted her to know how I felt and how it made her look, not that I cared how she looked, lol. I mostly wanted to tell her she was being a bad mom. I would have your husband talk to her about it, and see if things change, if not you could always go back through the court system. You could even ask your step-daughter if she even wants to go see her mom, if not then maybe she doesn't have to. Sorry you are going through this I know it is tough. emoticon

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I think I need a second to vent here.

I have an AMAZING step-daughter. She is 13. She is smart, funny, and a really really good kid. Sure, she gets into trouble and has teenage attitude, but she is a great kid at heart. She lives with us, and sees her mom every other weekend and every Wednesday.

The last year or so, at least one day out of her mom's weekend, she spends the night at a friend's house rather that spending the night at her mom's. The last 2 months, she hasn't spent a night there except Wednesdays, and last night (Wednesday) she wasn't even there until 8:30.

Last Wednesday she had a choir concert, and told me and her dad that she didn't even tell her mom because she wouldn't show up anyway.

I'm SO tired of this. Not of my girl, of her mom. She would rather go out drinking than spend any time with her kid. She doesn't put any effort into that relationship. It is SO hard to not say anything. I had a hard time understanding it BEFORE I had my little one, but now, to know from personal experience what being a mother feels like, I REALLY don't get it. Our children are the most awesome thing, how can she be such a crap mom and not see what an amazing kid she has?

UGH! Thanks for letting me vent!

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