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MILLIFRED Posts: 672
5/5/13 10:39 A

It does help to tell myself all those things but sometimes it just gets to you. Actually, I never go over my calorie goals, I have the opposite problem but if I am only eating 1200 calories a day I need to make every calorie count nutrient wise. I can eat that cookie but would be much better off with a piece of fruit.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,210
5/5/13 10:10 A

i don't know if this will help you any, but when i find myself in one of those "see food want it because it is there" moments, particularly where someone else is eating said food, i remind myself that just because someone else is doing it doesn't mean i have to. if you don't go to the bathroom when that person goes to the bathroom or the doctor when that person goes to the doctor then you don't need to be eating when that person is eating. it's fine if you set up meal times together, but if you don't need food, it's okay to tell yourself "not now" and be fine with that. and by telling yourself "not now" that doesn't mean you can't have this food ever again or that this is the last opportunity ever to have some. it just means that right now you are choosing not to have any. because when you do actually want it, it will be there for you to get.

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,758
5/5/13 9:44 A

Wow your DH sounds a lot like mine. I diet, he loses. LOL

MILLIFRED Posts: 672
5/5/13 8:32 A

Yes, my DH does have a bit of a weight problem but not much. While I did the 8 week diabetes challenge recently I lost 7.5 pounds and he lost 10 without even trying. He works very hard and burns up a a lot of calories., but I still can't believe how much sweets he can eat in a day. I made a batch of 5 dozen oatmeal raisin cookies a while back and whithin 3 days they were gone. It really is amazing. I love to bake but don't very often because of this.

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,758
5/5/13 8:09 A

My goodness does your DH have a weight problem? If my DH ate the whole package (and he'd like to) he'd be unhealthy. And yes it's tempting for me also especially the snack crackers. I usually have a few of his and that's why I have been playing around with the same 2 lbs for a while now.

And btw congrats on that awesome weight loss.

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MILLIFRED Posts: 672
5/5/13 6:52 A

Today's Spark Coach activity is dealing with cravings; for me these cravings have mainly been a problem when I see my husband snacking his way through two hours of TV each night. My plan will be to try not to sit in the same room with him as he does this. I don't usually watch TV but am sitting there reading a book so this may work. One day last week he ate an entire package of marshmallow fudge cookies! If I had been there I would have had to have one of them just because I saw him eating them. I wasn't there so I didn't eat the cookie. I'm much better off with a healthy snack, especially in the evening.

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