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4/20/13 10:05 P

You are likely to get all kinds of advice with a question like this one. I prefer to workout 7 days a week, but Sundays are my "choice" day when I can work out hard or easy (like a walk or Yoga) whereas weekdays are for the weight lifting, running, or other cardio workouts.

In your situation, you can think of you Saturday as giving some muscles a rest or break, but yet working other muscles with the hard work of lifting bags of feed and other strenuous activity. So, before taking another day off, think about which muscle groups you use on other days. If you have light workouts like walking, Pilates, or Yoga on regular days, then Saturdays becomes your strength day. If you lift weights 3-5 days a week, plus do your heavy "farm" work on Saturdays, then yes, you would want another "light" workout day or a day to totally rest your muscles.

It all depends on your strength, fitness level, energy, age, and activities the other six days of the week. Your body will tell you, and you will figure it out!

Best wishes and keep up the great work!

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4/20/13 7:18 P

I would. It's ok to do light cardio on your rest day but that definitely does not sound like light cardio.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/20/13 4:39 P

Yes. If you're finding it "tiring" it's not a day off.

"Off" doesn't mean "off" and can include light exercise - a walk through a forest, take the dog out, some yoga, etc.

But this doesn't sound "light".

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4/20/13 2:12 P

I said that Saturdays were going to be my day off since my kids had 4-H on Saturdays. The thing is its not really my day off. I'm lifting 50lb bags of feed. Moving hay and straw bales, shoveling poop, chasing after my daughters sheep when it gets lose lol. I am very tired after 3 hours of this.

Should I take another day if each week to actually rest my muscles?

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