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5/6/11 10:45 A

Day 322 - Not such a good week...

I went back to work after a twelve week recuperation from a broken ankle this past Monday. All my motivation, enthusiasm, positive routines went out the window. I stepped back onto my workfloor and promptly fell into the old pattern of not valuing myself, putting everything else before my own self-care and living unconsciously. I am disappointed...but not surprised.

It's hard to change life-long habits. If it was easy we would all be lean, muscular, healthy individuals! So now the question is how do I not stay stuck in the old patterns? I don't know the answer yet. But I do know that "just for today" I am drinking my green tea and water, tracking my nutrition and fitness and not beating myself up for my stumbles.

Have a great weekend! *hugs*

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4/28/11 8:55 P

Day 330:

Thanks for the support and encouragement! It definitely helps!

One of my goals is to do 10 minutes worth of yoga on the Wii each day to help limber me up and stretch some of the muscles that have been getting older and less elastic. So far two for two.

My two biggest challenges in losing weight are fitting exercise in EVERY day and staying within my calorie range. I use food to comfort myself when my mood is negative. Hopefully tracking will help to change that negative habit.

For today:
--stayed within my calorie range
--worked out 16 minutes on the Wii
--held myself accountable

I'm pleased with today's progress!!!


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4/27/11 12:28 A

As an ARIES you have all the ability u need to get what you want. The biggest problem that "Zena the Warrior Princess" has is she doesn't like to stay and FINISH what she starts as she loves to START something new which is more exciting. You are a natural born athlete, so use your desire to WIN and show others how it should be done to your advantage. That is why ARIES is often a military person, policewoman, psychologist or business owner.

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4/26/11 10:06 P

Way to have made the first step. Yes it may seem like a long time till your next birthday, but like you said time flies. You have inspired me to make a short term goal and my long term goal. So I think together we can do this. If you need a buddy just let me know..I try to keep in touch with everyone but sometimes I just can't, but if you let me know I will do my best..maybe that should be a goal for myself. to keep in touch with my new friends on Spark. Well good luck, and hope that you will take me up on my offer..kathym316

4/26/11 2:01 P

Day 332:

I turned 44 years old on 23 March 2011. According to a calculator I found on the internet I have only 332 until my 45th birthday. That may seem like a long time...but time passes quickly when you calculate day by day.

I am hoping that this journal will provide me with a way to hold myself accountable on a daily basis. Also I am hoping that I can use it go gain insight into stumbling blocks that are preventing me from achieving the healthy lifestyle I desire.

The excess weight that I have accumulated over the last 13 years began with my first attempt to quit smoking. 40 lbs gained in 4 months. Each failure to stay quit further ate into my self-esteem and each subsequent quit effort added more and more weight.

Enough. Time to reverse directions. Haven't decided yet what I will keep track of here...but I'm sure I'll figure that out quickly enough.

Wish me luck!


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