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ABI2001 Posts: 34
5/3/12 2:23 P


I feel better today (still a lot of coughing), but the highlight is that I heard back from the doctor today. She said that as long as I have no difficulties breathing and no fever, I can resume exercise. She also said that cardio is actully very good for the lungs when somebody has bronchitis, again as long as the person isn't having breathing difficulties or a fever. She said it decreases the chance of it developing into pneumonia and can speed up the rest of the recovery. How about that?!

I should have known exercise could be a magical pill too! LOL!

"Today is my tomorrow."
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ABI2001 Posts: 34
5/2/12 8:09 P

Thank you all!

I tried calling my doctor today and never received a call-back. Hopefully I will tomorrow. I think I'll do some light Wii or Yoga tonight. I feel fine, with the exception of the annoying cough, but I definitely don't want to make things worse. Nor do I want to fall behind. I'll definitely avoid any sort of deep or labored breathing--no cardio.

"Today is my tomorrow."
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5/2/12 5:10 P

Yeah, talk to your doctor. If for some reason you can't, I would check my energy level, and try a light workout first, and gradually increase the intensity to the regular level.

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5/2/12 4:45 P

I'd agree that it would be best to ask your doc.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Coach Jen

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5/2/12 2:29 P

I would ask your doctor that for sure. Get clearance before exercising, especially since you have a lung issue that could be exacerbated by any cardio.

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ABI2001 Posts: 34
5/2/12 1:52 P

Hi all!

I just (re-)started SparkPeople this past weekend. I was fighting a cold last week, but then Monday I was feeling worse. So I went to the doctor and found out I have bronchitis. She said she wasn't worried about pneumonia. I've been on the antibiotic that she prescribed since Monday morning, so I've taken 5 of the 20 doses so far. At what point can I start any form of exercising?

Monday was supposed to be my first day of exercising, so I got up early and only did Yoga because I wasn't feeling well. After that was when I went to the doctor. I haven't done anything else except some fencing on Wii last night.

Any insight and advice would really be appreciated. I've been doing great with my calories so far. I just hate that I haven't really done any exercise to speak of yet.

"Today is my tomorrow."
In laughter, light, and love,
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