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I've looked at Dukan and it wasn't for me, but if it has worked for you in the past, it may be a good starting place for you before finding something that you can continue as a lifestyle. That being said, you are watching the scale too closely. Try spreading your weigh ins out to at least a week apart. If you only rely on the scale and you check it constantly, you are going to get depressed and stressed out. The body fluctuates a lot. Weigh yourself once a week first thing in the morning. Take other measurements as well. Maybe you won't see a scale change, but there is an inch change or a blood pressure change. There is more to getting yourself healthy than the numbers.

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Hello Evvaaa,

I looked up Dukan Diet as I had not heard of it does not sound like a plan that can be enjoyed as a lifestyle. I have provided link above to article on nutrion including
this ....."5. What rule of thumb should be used in allocating calories?
Since menus and eating realities change daily, average ranges work better than absolute percentages. For the most part, your calorie intake should come from:

40-65% Carbohydrates
10-35% Proteins
20-35% Fats

It’s important to try to meet these ranges every day to fulfill your energy and nutrient needs without creating more fat storage..." By SP nutrition expert Becky Hand

For the long run I feel you will find lasting results with a balanced diet where you balance proper proportions and whole unprocessed food.


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I have done the Dukan before- the attack phase more than once and so I know the impact it has from the first day and what a kick start you get to your weight loose in the Aattck phase.

However this time round - nearly 3 years on since my last go I am on day 3 of Attack and I have lost 0.2lbs - which honesttly is pretty much not worth mentioning- oly noticed that couse my scales show stone.pound.10th of pounds. I should be around the -4lbs and this is massivly demotivating!

I am eating the correct foods- chicken and salmon mostly with non fat dairy yougart and some scrambled eggs and drinking plently of wate. I have baked my oatbran into sables to have something more resmebling carbs like bread- a certified Dukan Diet reciepe! Also used previously.

The only difference I can see is that I am now on the pill, and I am currently on a course of anti biotics and pain killers- the pain killers have a coating of sucrose. But its such a tiny amount!

Has anyone else experianced this??

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