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9/16/12 1:55 P


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9/16/12 7:49 A


MERRY_XMAS Posts: 391
9/16/12 6:54 A

These two days are very important! You didn't postpone it for Monday or something. You already started changing your life and this is quite amazing!

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9/16/12 6:17 A

Good on you. Congrats.

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9/15/12 9:44 P

Congratulations emoticon

9/15/12 8:46 P

That is very good news keep up the good work.

9/15/12 8:21 P

You are completely correct! Two days ts terrific! Each day is a victory and another step to health and fitness. Keep up the good work! emoticon

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9/15/12 5:17 P

Okay, small accomplishment I know -- but after day two of 'doing everything right' -- I'm feeling like I'm on the right track which is motivating. So woo-hoo!

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