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11/7/12 8:22 A

don't be tensed. It happens in the beginning because your muscle is trying to re built. Just keep working out and you will see the results. Because then you will be building muscle and burning more fat. So don't worry if your scale don't move or you see high number. You will feel it once you will see how your body it toning and then it will make easier to loss more fat.

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11/7/12 8:12 A

Ok today will make day three of my diet and I didn't do the Jillian Michaels dvd but I did walk on my treadmill for ten minutes. I was pretty sore all over. Now my question is why in the world did I gain weight???? I went up 2 lbs??? This is frustrating.

LIBBYL1 Posts: 5,933
11/6/12 9:59 P

rest - absolutely critical so that the muscles you used can get stronger while they repair.

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11/6/12 11:31 A

I found the same thing happened when i started a bodypump class. As your muscles get stronger, you won't be as sore. Good luck!

PURECOUNTRY29 Posts: 866
11/6/12 11:23 A

I workout with Jillians video's all the time, keep working at it, eventually you will notice your a lot stronger, and it hurts a lot less. I always give myself a day or so and mix up my workout until I am not as sore.

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11/6/12 11:11 A

I did it last month with lots of skipping days. I am starting back again from today. I am planning to get 5 days with level 1 & then will move on. I had same thing last month. I was sore so bad that I couldn't even sit or stand. I stayed myself to bed for like 2 days and kept myself very lightly in all other workout days. I had to skip lots of days too due to staying sore specially after changing the workout level.

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11/6/12 8:53 A

I started back on this yesterday. I am on day 2. I was very sore the first go around but after a few workouts I was ok. I fell off the wagon from keeping at it due to scheduling and just procrastinating that I would start again the following day. This time I am sticking to it!!! I am pretty sore today in my upper thighs and my armpit areas. But I will do a light workout today and keep at it. I am trying a campbells soup diet, one for breakfast and one for lunch and watching portions at dinner. Plus 8 glasses of water.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
7/12/12 7:33 P

If you are sore then you need to rest. No more shred until you aren't sore anymore. Light walking is fine, but nothing else. When we exercise we create microscopic tears in our muscles. These tears need to heal, which will only happen when you take a rest from the exercise that caused the tears. Shreding every second day is enough.

Cabbage soup diet? Please just eat a healthy and balanced diet like the ones suggested here on spark.

Just from the post it looks like you are looking for a quick fix. Exercising like a demon and eating cabbage soup for a month won't help. You need to change your lifestyle, and make it sustainable for the rest of your life.

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7/12/12 1:15 P

I have an injured knee but tried Jillian's workouts (of course I replaced the jumping cardio with walking) and oh boy, can she make a person tired and energized at the same time. we'll see about being sore tomorrow! emoticon loved every minute of it!!!

AMISS04 Posts: 46
7/11/12 1:27 P

Hey, I just started the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and I'm so sore. What week are you on. I'm hoping week two doesn't have as many arm workouts. My arms hurt like nobodys business. lol :)

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5/4/12 10:53 A

Actually, I'm going to contradict the advice you've received about not taking a break.

Rest is actually REALLY important, especially when strength training. All that pain is from microscopic tears in your muscles. This isn't a bad thing, unless you overtrain... that is, if you keep going without giving your muscles a chance to heal. Take a day of rest will actually result in you getting STRONGER as the muscles repair themselves and become tougher as a result. If you work through the pain and do the same exercises day after day, you have the opposite effect: you break them down.

The effect is cumulative!

So take a break from intense workouts. That doesn't mean you have to be sedentary, but this is especially important when you're first starting out, because your muscles simply don't have the endurance to handle it. You can still work out, but opt for light exercise, low impact cross training. Like walking, light biking, that sort of thing. YOu can still move (rest doesn't have to be sedentary) but LISTEN to your body... rest is critical for everyone.

You may need more than one day given how you've overdone it.

One problem may actually be that "cabbage soup diet" thing you're on. In order to recover and fuel itself, your body NEEDS carbs and protein to rebuild those muscles. That diet creates an enormous nutritional deficit that you shouldn't be attempting serious exercise on. You aren't giving your muscles the building blocks they need to heal and recover.

Skip the fad diets with unsustainable eating habits, and opt for healthier, more balanced nutrition that you can sustain for a lifetime.

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5/4/12 12:20 A

Update. Woke up today, more sore then ever! I was shocked at the fact that I couldn't even sit, literally I had to ask for help. I somehow made it through the day but did not work out. I hope my muscles will be better tomorrow as I want to continue the workout. I also forgot to mention that I'm on the cabbage soup diet as of Tuesday.

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5/3/12 2:00 P

When I was shredding, I found that taking a day off helped with the soreness. Taking more than 1 day off would set me back, though.

KIMMIT326 Posts: 62
5/3/12 9:49 A

OMG, I just started the Jilian Michaels 30 day shred yesterday also! For me my thighs are extremely sore, and while my legs aren't sore, they are a bit tired. I'm at work, but after work I plan on doing day 2 today. I also have the brazilian butt lift DVDs, and after doing one of those my butt, legs and thighs hurt for days! Funny you did that one also today, because I was thinking about it too. But I have kickboxing tonight so I will do that in addition to the 30 day shred. Last time I went kickboxing I was sore for like 3 days! I'm hoping that I have gotten stronger since then.

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5/3/12 9:46 A

Keep doing as much as you can. I have found that if you take a day or even 2 off right away because of the sore, it will hurt all over again when you do it. But if you keep doing as much as you can, you will not be so sore. Keep stretching as well.


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5/3/12 6:12 A

I was thinking of buying that Jillian Michaels DVD - do you recommend it?

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5/2/12 9:02 P

Scratch that... I just finished the workout. After it, I did the Beachbody Brazil Butt Lift Tummy Tuck but didn't finish... Still proud of myself that I continued while very sore. Yay for me. It's 9:02 PM, lets motivate me to not eat now..

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5/2/12 8:00 P

I started day one of the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred yesterday and today I am super sore! I could hardly walk down the stairs at work. Walking hurts, moving my arms hurts, even sitting down hurts. I was wondering if it's a good idea to exercise today, or should I just take a break and continue tomorrow?

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